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Captain Muff Diver
13th Oct 2001, 13:50
Q:What is the definition of frustration?

A:An Arab terrorist with an Ansett ticket! :confused:

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13th Oct 2001, 14:42
Words fail me. How stupid are you?

Woomera, please remove this.

13th Oct 2001, 15:56
Why remove it? This joke has been doing the rounds on e-mail for a week or so now, and usually included a JPG of a person in the desert clutching an Ansett ticket! It is not new and many people have seen it. Because you (but one person) are offended by it does not mean it MUST be removed!
Get real and stop demanding that our moderator remove anything and everything that might be deemed slightly Politically Incorrect!

Woomera, you sir do a fine job, especially considering the circumstances that are occurring in Oz at the present time and the emotions that surface from time to time.



13th Oct 2001, 16:56
Well IF you think they are okay???

I haven't seen that one, but received one a week or so ago on a similar theme, has a photo of Bin Laden and one of Gary Toomey.

Underneath it said something like, (from memory) one of these men is wanted for acts of terrorism, causing much destruction to the airline industry, and also ruining the lives of thousands of innocent people, the other guy is Osama Bin Laden........

:rolleyes: :eek:

Buster Hyman
13th Oct 2001, 19:01
Well, if you insist.....It is the year 2032, and a father and his son walk the streets of lower Manhattan.
Approaching the site where the WTC used to be in the end of the 20th
century, the father sighs and comments, "to think that right here used to be the Twin Towers..."
The son, not understanding, asks his father: "What are the Twin Towers?"
The father smiles and looks at his son, and explains, "The Twin Towers
were two huge buildings that used to be here until 2001, when the Arabs
destroyed them."
The son looks up to his father, and asks, "And what are the Arabs?"

:D :D

13th Oct 2001, 19:10
Buster:- Now that's a worry!!


17th Oct 2001, 22:16
Muff Diver,

Just received your e-mail. Interesting that you don't have the front to reply to me on the forum but choose peurile abuse in a way that other Ppruners won't find out.

I have a well developed sense of humour, no worries there, but I think it's a bit off colour to make 'jokes' at the expense of the thousands who died in New York or the Ansett employees who lost their jobs. If it's so funny why not print it off, find a few of those who were affected and ask them for their opinions.

If this is an indication of your mentality it's no wonder you're still on the dole.

As for your contention that you are "more samarter" (sic) than me, I seriously doubt it.

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18th Oct 2001, 10:22
Mr Flintstone... logic says the joke is at the expense of the terrorists, not their victims.

I assert that terrorists are a legitimate target.

Onan the Clumsy
18th Oct 2001, 20:23
So does that mean I shouldn't post the joke about the IRA's latest activity?

Apparently, they hijacked a blimp and for two hours now, people in Westminster have seen it bouncing off the Houses of Parliament.

18th Oct 2001, 20:54

I shall explain that to my friends' widow at the memorial service then.

19th Oct 2001, 01:45
Mr Flintstone,

I would thought that discussion of jokes would be avoided at your friends memorial.

However if the topic does come up I WOULD be discriminating about precisely who is being laughed at.

By the way this place is "jet blast".

19th Oct 2001, 03:59
I don't get it. If a joke isn't funny, or you think it's in poor taste, just don't laugh. And don't repeat it. There is no worse non-accolade for a joke, by definition.
But to stick up a post protesting at a joke surely has more to do with someone's need to claim good-taste brownie points than anything else...?

19th Oct 2001, 08:55
Onan! :p

19th Oct 2001, 21:12
I think it should be clear the joke is at the terrorist. Yes it is tragic that so many people lost their lives, but if we're never allowed to try to be anything other than deadly serious about it, then the terrorist have won.
Of course it would be totally inappriate to bring it up with the relatives of those who have lost thier lives, but life does go on, and we simply cannot all wear black veils for the rest of our lives. This isn't insensitive, just realistic. And if you find something, particually a joke, truly offensive, then responding heatedly is going to probably have the opposite to the desired effect. Depending on the circunstances (I mean, I'm not saying this is the case here) it could be the thing the perpetrator is wanting!
Having said that, I was told a joke recently related to the terrorist attacks that is so potentially offensive, I wouldn't dream of posting it here or telling to anyone.

19th Oct 2001, 22:13
What would be the point of the joke if Arab terrorists hadn't slaughtered thousands of people using aircraft to ram buildings and Ansett hadn't gone bust?

Try another scenario. Let's say there's an eskimo holding a train ticket. Is that funny? Don't think so.

I like jokes. I love them. A point I have made in the past is that all jokes are at someones' expense. There has to be a fall guy or they are not funny and let's face it we all love a good laugh at someone elses expense (I do). However, there is a limit.

I think that under the circumstances Capt Muff Diver should have kept this one to himself and the fact that it's been e-mailed to people doesn't make it any less offensive. This is an aviation website and for that reason both the hijackings and the demise of Ansett was bound to touch a nerve.

But then, perhaps that's what was intended?

As for me looking for brownie points Gerundive, forget it. I had hoped to spare some of those more directly affected reading it. That's all. Nothing for myself. Some people are actually like that you know.

I suppose I will have to accept that some people do find it funny. Let's hope for their sake they are never on the receiving end.

20th Oct 2001, 12:46
About the Eskimo with a train ticket....it depends on the time of year and where said Eskimo is trying to go, the Alaskan RR isn't a full schedule 12 months a year operation.

See it really COULD be kind of funny.


20th Oct 2001, 17:53
You mean I just invented a brand new joke?

Thanks Mert ;)

21st Oct 2001, 11:39
Hi Flintstone
You said

"A point I have made in the past is that all jokes are at someones' expense. There has to be a fall guy or they are not funny and let's face it we all love a good laugh at someone elses expense (I do). However, there is a limit"

I don't think we should laugh at anyones expense. Its cruel and not nice. I suggest that all humour be banned from PPRUNE.

Also, please change your handle. I find that the name "flinstone" is offensive as it reminds me of the WTC. They both bring to mind "Rubble".

21st Oct 2001, 22:39
Is it me or should you go out and come back in again?

21st Oct 2001, 22:58
Coming from Northern Ireland, I am well used to acts of terrorism and tragedy. However, we have a distinct ability to make a bit of humour out of similar situations which have affected us. I think it helps us to get through it a little.
I can fully understand the view point of people who object to jokes of these nature, and I respect that.

22nd Oct 2001, 01:34

I've been out but it's raining so I came back in again.

Inlak. Thanks. Perhaps you'd know a bit more about this sort of thing but I've never been personally affected by something like this until now. On reflection I can see what Captain Muff Diver was up to but he touched a nerve. Note that he hasn't tried to defend himself publicly unless, as I suspect, he's using more than one name. His response to my post was to send me an abusive e-mail which must say something about him.

Anyway, can't be @rsed any more. Off to the pub.

22nd Oct 2001, 03:00
I quite liked Billy Crystal's comments at the WTC Benefit Gig last night:-

"Some people think this is an awards ceremony. It most definitely is NOT. We couldn't find anyone willing to open an envelope. I've never seen so many people from the rock music industry run away from white powder..." :D