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13th Oct 2001, 05:28
If there's 40,000 Ppruners, how come there's only at most 30 on a site and I'm the only one in chat at the moment? :confused:

13th Oct 2001, 07:38
Hi Eric, I just quickly called everyone to ask what they were doing and why they weren't in the chat room with you ..... here's the results of my survey:-

Of the 40,000 PPRuNers, one third were asleep (and didn't seem to appreciate that this was a serious survey), another third are at work (and seemed to object to being called when they were busy), the other 13,333 responded as follows:

624 are out shopping
119 are in the shower
1,486 are watching T.V./videos
851 are driving their cars
223 are gardening or doing home maintenance
128 are waiting for an important phone call
47 are paying a visit to the throne room
2,140 are attending social events
1,396 are playing sport/walking the dog
287 are having an argument with their spouse
73 are looking for missing car keys/socks
153 are in the middle of a power failure
1,341 are taking their kids to McDonald's
937 are doing their tax returns
1,006 are surfing the net
18 are reading
48 are taking their cat/budgie to the vet
949 are doing their kids' homework
1,387 are plotting revenge on their spouse
58 saw you were in chat and didn't go in

The remaining 62.3 are staring vacantly into space, combing their hair, picking their nose, playing piano or other musical instument, composing sarcastic letters to government departments, planning their next holiday, robbing liquor stores, scratching where it itches, talking to the next door neighbour, feeding the axolotl, making a cuppa, visiting PPRuNe forums, cleaning the fish tank and repairing their Ug boots.

You have probably noticed that nobody has admitted to being engaged in sexual activity when I called. Either they were too shy to admit it or my survey has coincidentally answered another of the great PPRuNe questions ... everyone talks about it but nobody is getting any.

Hope this helps.

:D :D :D

13th Oct 2001, 07:57
The thing that constantly amazes me when I log in is the disproportionate ratio of guests to members. It's kinda like going into yer favourite club, it's so dark in there that ya can't recognise anyone, but there's a few people talking and all the rest are evesdropping. :eek: :D

Like the other night, there was 140 on the "forums", 40 members (some invisible, and I keep wondering about THAT too) and 100 guests! In the clubs I belong to, guests can only enter at the invitation of a member.

I'm not trying to be narky about this but it's us members who are buying PPRuNe wings and all the other stuff, whenever it becomes available, to support the place. This is to help Danny improve server capacity, so that we can continue to have soooo many guests on the forum.

I wonder whether its the members or the guests who are accessing all the threads, and thereby contributing to the continuing problem of server capacity?

13th Oct 2001, 10:04
An unidentified percentage of the 40,000 members are terminally confused old f*rts who go away for a few days, forget their password , can't figure out how to get it back so just register again. And again.
Happened to an umm, err.. friend of mine.

Cookie ? No thanks, not hungry :D

PPRuNe Dispatcher
13th Oct 2001, 12:37
If you forget your password then click the login link at the top of the forums page, then click the "Lost Password" link. Follow the instructions and your username/password will be emailed to you.

As far as server load is concerned it doesn't matter whether you are logged in or a guest.


13th Oct 2001, 16:01
PaperTiger is on to something here. A lot of people are too embarrassed to admit to forgetting passwords. What we need is someone willing to lead the way, to admit that YES! I often forget passwords!!! and the administrators will be able to free up old names no longer used by deleting them, releasing more bandwidth and improving speed for us real members.

I am prepared to be that leader!! Danny and co, I hereby confess to having had many nicks in the past which are currently just taking up space, and I hereby give you full permision to delete them forthwith. Those names are; Tartan Gannet, Gerund, Gerundive, anything with Tool Time in it, Amos, Swamp Rat, Winston Smith, and a few others that will come to me with time.....

:D :D :D :D

tony draper
13th Oct 2001, 16:11
OOH,Thats naughty Mr B.

Just an other number
13th Oct 2001, 20:11
yeh OK Bins but please don't admit to being tony draper cos no-one will believe it..
back to the topic - Eric's question -
I only log on if I want to post so the rest of the time I'm marked as a guest
Maybe half the guests are, like me, members not logged on....

13th Oct 2001, 20:17
I think the guest/member thing can be a bit misleading:

Some of the guests may well be members who can`t be bothered to log in until they have something to post. Some of the members may have forgotten to log off.

13th Oct 2001, 21:18
Bwahahah Now now Binos, you and I both know you're neither Tartan Gannet nor Gerund (nice try though). ;)

Now behave or there's no telling what will happen to the clubs of Mackay

15th Oct 2001, 02:14
Don't you keep cookies enabled?

I hate having to keep logging in everywhere.

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15th Oct 2001, 08:06
Well said Eric. The last time I had to login here was the first time. But, then I've only ever had one other alias - and I shared that one with someone else... :D Anyway, the point is that when I fire up PPRuNe, I'm logged in straight away.

And I'm never ever "invisible" either. :cool:

15th Oct 2001, 09:29
Just to demonstrate my complete and utter ignorence the point of being 'invisible' when you cannot be seen anyway, is...? Or is this only applicable in chat rooms.

BTW is anyone else getting this truly annoying pop up advertisment for Flash-5 software by Macromedia that just will not take no for and answer. It is driving me nuts and only appears to be on PPRUNE. It will at regular intervals appear in the middle of the screen and 'seductively' (I think not) invite you to take it and trust all Macromedia products into the bargin.

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15th Oct 2001, 10:39
Paterbrat, the only time I get those adds is when I log into my pprune mail account.
Not when browsing the bulletin board.
Hope this helps.

15th Oct 2001, 16:30
On the subject of a password you wont forget but is secure, why not do what I do and use the (type of) aircraft you soloed in? Never going to forget that, are you?
Or else, the name of the woman (or man, if you are female or else just that way inclined) who was generous enough to help you lose your virginity! :D
Thats assuming either of those apply to you, of course! ;)

Brit Abroad
15th Oct 2001, 18:20

The point of being invisible is for the "Who's online ?" link (here (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=whos_online)). If you don't want to be seen on this list, then simply don't log on. You will then be classified as 'invisible.'

15th Oct 2001, 18:44

I am getting the same banner ad for flash thingy. I have two machines one in the office and one at home that I use when ppruning and it only happens on the newer one.
I would love to get rid of it - any suggestions anyone?

15th Oct 2001, 20:35
Thanks Flapsforty and LITOW it helped to know I wasn't the only one who was getting that flashing onto their screen, I was afraid I might have caught something nasty. Unfortunately it has taken up residence in JB which I have found to be quite the most interesting place.It simply will not go away and is highly pestiforous
BlueDiamond, just curious to know why none of the PPRUNers was out flying when you called, as you know of course I was engaged in ... ,errrm well, I was glad you hadn't mentioned that, but I did notice we all seemed to be on a day off which was jolly nice.

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17th Oct 2001, 15:46

I am not an expert, and have not tested this theory, but here goes....

It seems to me that if you simply minimise the offending window instead of saying 'no', then you won't get any more of them, as there is already one there. Just keep it tucked away in the bottom of your screen until you have finished PPRuNe-ing.

Again, I can offer no promises, and if anyone else can dispute the validity of the above suggestion, please feel free.

Just my 2 cents worth.

18th Oct 2001, 09:07
A good try Circus but they saw you coming there is no minimise window available so I'll keep my two cents.
It is a real pain and has now begun popping up on other forums within pprune and is being a massive pain in the whats'its.

18th Oct 2001, 10:39
Paterbrat have you tried posting this one on "Computer/Internet Issues"?

Some smart people there usually, who have many answers. :)

henry crun
18th Oct 2001, 14:13
G0 to the Flash thread in D & G for the reason and the answer.

19th Oct 2001, 00:44
Thanks Henry C, so you reckon it's harmless though exceedingly annoying. Simply dowload it in and Bob's your Aunty.
Could have said so and saved me the trip to the Roo Zoo, but thank you all the same, I will try it. Just hope it don't wipe me machine out with some delectable little goody.