View Full Version : eeg-now i know why!

13th Oct 2001, 01:03
eeg, compulsory for med class 1 heli-pilots, supposedly to check for abnormal electrical brain activity that could react adversly to the frequency of the "flashing effects" of the rotor blades, or so we're lead to believe.

well today, at an un-named "sky blue" midlands airfield, a jet ranger decided to first hover over the main active runway, effectively closing it and then after a brief rt exchange decided to circle the tower, nose pointing at it all the time. after another brief rt exchange , said jet ranger departed to fly along the active and after a steep turn,collecting the ils ariel along the way, decided to land!

not suprislingly the copper got the chopper, and escorted him away, probably for another eeg- to confirm the original prognosis of madness no doubt.

not so much mirthfull, but jetblast was the only place that such a bizzare incident would fit.