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The Groover
12th Oct 2001, 23:44
I met the Queen the other day.

We were out walking in Deeside and decided to take shelter in a wee bothy from a dreech squal.
Who should be in there but Mrs W, her lady in waiting and some posh bloke ( I assume security).

Far from ushering us away she sparked up a conversation that lasted 10 minutes with not an air or a grace in sight.

In these uncertain times it warms my heart to know what a damm fine country we live in and a damm fine Monarch to lead us.

It was so relaxed I almost mentioned what a **** Prince Edward is, but I think it would have spoiled one of the greatest honours of my life.

More power to yer Royal elbow Mrs W



That's the way its goin' down........baby

Capt PPRuNe
13th Oct 2001, 18:15
Yeah, yeah yeah.... but did you find out what her PPRuNe name was? :confused:

Just an other number
13th Oct 2001, 20:46
Why have your flying porkers only got starboard wings??

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13th Oct 2001, 23:43

See you have been taken in by Mrs.W Surely how can you be fooled by the most disfunctional family in the land. How can we owe allegiance to a hereditary head of state who are only there by an accident of birth. Four kids, three failed marriages.

One wife driven to despair and ultimately her death.

One of her sons was to weak to complete a few years in the armed forces and now he and his wife use there position to gain an advantage in the world of film and TV and still can't cut the mustard.
I have nothing but contempt for them. Why do we continue to kow tow to this miserable bunch of no hopers. Lets get rid of them and have an elected head of state. Most other countries in Europe seem to do OK without a Monarchy. Come on lets get into the 21st century.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Send Clowns
14th Oct 2001, 00:10
Rover, dear boy, strange description of someone to be "too weak" to remain in the Royal Marine Commando for a few years. Especially someone who actually completed the all-arms commando course. It is also irrelevant to the character of HM the Queen, who I should think has the sense to allow her offspring at least some autonomy.

On the other hand one of her sons did complete a distinguished career in the armed services, going to war and achieving senior rank by selective promotion. Another has more will to speak his mind with conviction backed by his own action than half the political establishment and all of the current-affairs media put together. Her daughter quietly and with great dignity and humility tries to use her position to help others.

With the disgusting behaviour of the media towards royalty it is hardly a surprise that difficulties arise in their private lives - they are never allowed to keep them private. However they have earned my respect. Since there seems to be nothing to replace them they should be kept - democratic constitutional manarchy is the worst political system apart from all the others.

(If you think we need a president, just look to France)

The Groover
14th Oct 2001, 00:46
Danny, she didnt say, but she did enquire after the Guvnor's mental state !!



Thats the way its goin' down.......baby

Her Maj Brenda
14th Oct 2001, 02:05
You will recall that when you met oneself, one thought that you said your name was "The Guvnor" and not "The Groover".

One had been following - somewhat vicariously one must admit, though one's husband and Andrew - the frightfully fascinating and erudite postings of The Guvnor and therefore one was absolutely overjoyed when one thought that one was meeting him!

Anyway, I hope that you were not put off too much by one's disappointment when you indicated that you were not, in fact, The Guvnor.

Incidentally, one's Lady in Waiting was most impressed with your chatup line.

tony draper
14th Oct 2001, 02:14
Bit slow weren't you Mr G, didn't you think to throw your cloak on the ground for HM to stand on.
She might have enobled you on the spot.
Sir G, now that would have been a handle.
Hmm, wonder if we have any knights of the realm posting here. ;)

The Groover
14th Oct 2001, 02:22
Your Majesty,

I am indeed honoured by your posting, and believe me, it was in fact an honour to finally meet you in person, and humbled that you indeed mistook me for one who is a leader amongst men, a captain of our industry, and someone whose magnitude we can only dream of aspiring to.

Your very humble servant

Lord Groover of Kirkhill (Lodge)


compressor stall
14th Oct 2001, 08:24
Can't compete with that, but I have "high fived" the Pope!

Send Clowns
14th Oct 2001, 18:59
CS, can beat that. I've had my hands clasped by a god, though he had renounced his deification :D

(the Dalai Lama, if you're curious)

14th Oct 2001, 22:30
Well I met He Majesty after a Royal Variety Performance.

Sadly I got kicked out after I licked her ar$e.

I had to do it though, I had to know if she tasted the same as she does on the stamps!!!

tony draper
14th Oct 2001, 22:48
As I was walking down a stair, I, met a men who wasn't there. ;)

14th Oct 2001, 23:29
So stallie, what didja say to him, "Yo, Pope?"

God save the Queen and all who sail in her! :cool:

15th Oct 2001, 01:29
Did she tell you that she met my wife once?

I'm surprised she didn't, few people forget meeting the Snapper.