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the road atlas
28th Dec 2003, 06:36
For you King Air folks,

What is the term Super King Air ?
I here it used loosly, some folks say it's a 300, some a B200.

Whats the difference between a 200 & a B200 ???

and where does the 300 fit betwene the 200 and 350?

Hope that kind of makes scense.


28th Dec 2003, 07:49
The term originated when the “200” came on the scene in late ’74 I believe. I flew BB102 for a lot of years with many happy memories. The principle difference between a straight 200 and a B is the engines. The former had PT6A –41’s and the latter (current model) has –42’s. No change in SHP but some very minor changes to a couple of wheels to improve high altitude performance.

The 300 is the same airframe as a 200 but has a higher gross, 14,100(?) and more SHP engines…-61’s but I stand to be corrected on that one. The FAA only let Beech manufacture the 300 under a special dispensation for 5 years, 1985 - 90. After that Beech was going to be required to redo the TC. Given the cost to doing that they decided to stretch the fuselage and make it a bigger airframe and then retype it. I am quite sure that the resulting 350 is a FAR25 aircraft. Should note that there were a few 300’s still manufactured after the 1990 cut-off but they are 300LW’s limited to 12,500lbs and were destined for the European market. Flew a 300 for a very short time when they first appeared on the market. Nice a/c, full seats/full fuel and would get as high as 320kt TAS and in and out of 3000ft runways.

Not sure if that answers your queries?

28th Dec 2003, 10:58
I have flown around 6000 hours just in the King Air range mainly 200 and B1900. The 200 changed around serial number BB-827 moved accross to the Super Kingair B200. The difference being in the engine from PT6-41 to PT6-42 (still 850sHP). It was able to pull more horsepower at higher altitude. The pressurisation went from 6 psi to 6.6 psi as well and the ZFW increased from 10400 lbs to 11000lbs.

The King Air 300 came out as a 300LW and 300. Light Weight (LW) would take-off at 12500 LBS single crew and the the natural 300 would take-off at 14100lbs, but required two rated pilots. The only difference between the two was a placard near the door to confirm if it was an LW or not. The fuselage was the similar to the 200/B200 but it had two emergency exits, one on either side. The engines would push out derated 1050HP in both cases.

The B350 was a stretched 300, same engines and flew a little faster than the 300. This was possibly due to fuselage design being a little longer.

These are all beautiful aircraft to fly.

28th Dec 2003, 11:13
(Raytheon Aircraft) Beech Super King Air 350/350C (TC callout is B300/B300C) is FAR23 Commuter Category. Nice aeroplane. Best place to start your research is with the TC (Type Certificate Data Sheet as pdf file from FAA website (http://www2.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgMakeModel.nsf/WebRenderPDF?OpenAgent&UNID=CB6A5F6C7CA126BF86256DB80061D212)).

Have fun ....

compressor stall
28th Dec 2003, 12:01
Have heard ATC refer to the B350 as a "Super Duper Kingair". ;)

28th Dec 2003, 12:59
That's a pretty appropriate reference Stallie! :ok:

the road atlas
28th Dec 2003, 12:59
604Guy, sure does answer my question, thanks for your good reply.:O