View Full Version : Christmas Ads in October. Bastards!!!!

11th Oct 2001, 04:39
Just watched one for "Anne Murray's Christmas CD"...on the 10th of October... on BBCCanada, by gum. I am not amused. :(

11th Oct 2001, 06:22
On Sunday, Wal Mart was puting out their Christmas schlock, and they had the Halloween crap out the Sunday before Labour Day. Talk about season overlap! :eek:

What does Tango mean?

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11th Oct 2001, 08:36
I was dragged into a garden centre last month, (September remember?) and they were busy putting up the Xmas decorations. Lots of dead fir trees covered in white paint and tinsel, imitation snow, paper chains on the ceiling. The whole works. They were even building a Santa's grotto. In a garden centre for f*cks sake!

Gave me quite a fright - I thought my leave had overrun and I'd forgotten to fly back to Borneo. There's certainly no accounting for St. Albans - a really strange place.

Through difficulties to the cinema

11th Oct 2001, 14:34
I used to keep a check every year of the first time I heard "White Christmas" to see how the season advanced.

When I heard it on 15th SEPTEMBER one year I gave up in despair. :mad:

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11th Oct 2001, 17:25
Ha ! They started round here in September. We're well beyond Xmas now - they're selling hot cross buns :eek:

Cantankerous Old Bastard
11th Oct 2001, 21:51

I think these bastards should have their balls snipped off and mailed back to them!

I thought it was bad enough when they started putting adverts on supermarket trolleys, then they had the gall to start PUTTING THEM ON THE FLOOR AS WELL! It made me start searching the car parks for DOG DIRT, just so I could step in it and then WALK ALL OVER THEIR STUPID ADVERTS!

Xmas trees in October? There ought to be a law against it.

12th Oct 2001, 02:59
Hit the ground running there COB! Welcome. ;)

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tony draper
12th Oct 2001, 03:20
What gets on my tits is one minute past midnight on the twentyfifth of December the poxy holiday adverts start.
Besides, when you get to my age xmas's seem to be about three months apart,there's a christmas card I forgot to post last xmas on the telephone table, wasn't worth putting it away, I'll just post it this xmas. ;)

12th Oct 2001, 03:34

Did some research on Tango today but all I could come up with was a "casual and contemporary brand".

So it seems to be a cool, hip, groooovy marketing type non-word for a semi-airline in its own right, name.

That will be $0.25 for the kleenex and $2.50 for the blanket rental sir. And by the way the washroom is coin operated. ;)

12th Oct 2001, 04:21
RT, yeah, but 32 inch pitch. That's first class. :cool:

Welcome COB. I presume the appendages would be mailed in a dainty package, complete with a Christmasy bow. :D

12th Oct 2001, 08:17
No COB, the Xmas trees weren't in October, it was September - remember?

Through difficulties to the cinema

Celtic Emerald
12th Oct 2001, 19:05
Careful there Rollingthunder

Your beginning to sound like Queen Lizzie herself :eek:

All ya need now is a couple of corgies mate & to twirl you're hand when you're waving.

I'm not bleedin amused either, when are they going to put up all those Xmas decorations???? :p


Cantankerous Old Bastard
12th Oct 2001, 20:38

All of you...GET BACK TO WORK!

13th Oct 2001, 04:51

I actually have around 200 Corgis, not the woof woof type however, and at least I didn't use the "We" are not amused line of Queen Vic Neither do I use the "minimal energy expenditure wave"(MEEW) when I do wave.

I do think that retail operations destroy part of my Christmas every year starting 2 or 3 months ahead of the celebration (usually a time for family to get together, if possible, since we're far flung).It's only really saved when it gently snows on Christmas morning and there's a traditional breakfast in store.

"Flung", now that's a nice word. :)

13th Oct 2001, 08:17
Went into BHS yesterday (that's WalMart with a lost empire, to the rest of you). It was dripping with tinsel and mutant fir trees. Span on my heel and walked out. That'll show them.