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Onan the Clumsy
10th Oct 2001, 22:18
How about listing your top five must fly make and models?

1 - Twin Beech
2 - DC3
3 - Sopwith Pup or similar WWI scout/fighter
4 - Gigantic airship like the R101 (or preferably, the R100)
5 - Any seaplane with a hatch at the front you can fish out of and where you sit almost below the waterline

And to be a passenger...I met this guy once who used to fly a Catalina up and down the Nile. They'd take several days and spend quiet evenings in beautiful places. He showed me photos of the airplane and if I remember correctly ;), they had converted the waist positions into a lounge and reading room, complete with wing backed leather armchairs, potted ferns and a drinks cabinet with cut glass decanters. All this and you had the big blister window to look out of. Who needs a house?

11th Oct 2001, 03:24
1. Supermarine Spitfire
2. P-38 Lightning
3. Cirrius SR-20
4. Beechcraft Bonanza
5. DeHavilland Mosquito

11th Oct 2001, 04:33
Thunderbird 2

and the Mossie and the P-38 and the elliptical wing fighter of course.

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11th Oct 2001, 04:59
Yeah TB2 does sounds an interesting choice to fly. But what piece of equipment would you take with ya RollingThunder?? I think i would take either those rolling pad thingys (from the first episode where the fireflash couldnt get its gear down for some unknown reason) or Thunderbird 4 because it looked cool.

Actually now i think about it, the Fireflash does have an appeal to it.

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11th Oct 2001, 05:09
A delicious brunette.

11th Oct 2001, 05:14
DH Mosquito.
Boeing 377.
DC-4, 6, 7.
Lockheed 49 series.

Onan, the Catalina you refer to was Z-CAT, registered in Zimbabwe. It was flown by a guy and his son, originally from Montreal. I knew it as CF-JCV from Austin Airways, in the mid sixties. It is now ZK-PBY, of the NZ Catalina Association. Check out http://www.catalina.org.nz/z_cat.htm
Along similar lines, a construction company from Montreal owned one, again in the sixties. It had a ventral airstair door, a bar, seats that reclined as sleeper units, kitchenette with stovetop and oven, and a shower in the tower compartment. The blisters were clear plexiglass, with sofas that sat you completely outside the aircraft. Two aluminum skiffs were attached to the old bomb hard points under the wings, so you had a self contained fishing lodge. Great airplane.

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Dave Incognito
11th Oct 2001, 11:30
A quick list off the top of my head. No doubt if you asked again tomorrow the list would be different...

1.) P-51
2.) F-22
3.) Space Shuttle
4.) Su-26
5.) SR-71

I'm sure there are hundreds of people out there willing to give me a go in any one of the above. Contact details can be found in my profile. :D

11th Oct 2001, 11:31
Sea Fury or any jet... :rolleyes:

11th Oct 2001, 13:03
Hmm, top 5 is hard. Spitfire would have to be in there, not just because it's one of the most amazing aircraft ever built, but also because I drive a Spitfire (the Triumph version, not the Supermarine one!)

But the number one choice, ever since I first saw one last year, is the Rollason Turbulent (http://www.tigerclub.co.uk/g-apbz.jpg)

This is one of the most beautiful, simple, unpretentious aircraft I've ever seen. It's sole aim in life is to take you flying. It is stylish because it makes no attempt to be stylish; its simplicity is part of its beauty; it doesn't want or expect anything from you except for you to climb in and point it at the sky.


henry crun
11th Oct 2001, 14:32
1 - Spitfire
2 - Typhoon (the ww2 version)
3 - Mosquito
4 - FW 190D
5 - P51

11th Oct 2001, 14:47
Hercules C130 (cos they look cute and my uncle used to be stationed at Lyneham)
Vulcan (memories of concorde engine testing over bristol)
Thunderbird 2
USS Enterprise (NCC1701D) :D
Anything capable of better than FL800! (for the view)

11th Oct 2001, 18:49
Apache AH64 :D :D :D

As it says on the T-shirt:

"Don't run - you'll only die tired !"

gravity victim
11th Oct 2001, 19:34
Tipsy Nipper. You don't get into one so much as strap it on. A mate who flew one said it was like having wings growing out of your shoulders. And fully aeropbatic too, on a cheap little VW engine. :)

11th Oct 2001, 21:35
To take a run though the milky way in an Ionian Intergalactic Cruiser, round the Jovian suns and out to the Nebular Cluster at warp 9 and to hell with the Federation limits on star jumps.

Oh and maybe a quick pass in a Spitfire(any Mark, not fussy}

12th Oct 2001, 00:59
Fireball XL5 (but get rid of that stupid monkey)

Failing which:

Hawker Tempest MkV

12th Oct 2001, 01:12
Learjet of some description, probably an old one

12th Oct 2001, 01:36
I'm just starting my flying career so I'll log maybe 1:500 flying hrs vs. autopilot.

1. DC-3 (I want to fly something with 5 man crew)
2. A spitfire (C'mon, that much torque in a prop must be a blast)
3. A 747-100
4. An A320 (sorry, not very imaginative but...)
5. Anything with an open cockpit.

Of course I want to go back in time as well and fly all of these aircraft new. :)

Monty Nivo
12th Oct 2001, 03:41
Aaaah, OK....

Yak 11,

off the top of my head...

Constable Clipcock
12th Oct 2001, 05:24
HL-10 (Ed.: First to list a lifting-body, I see! — Clippy)

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12th Oct 2001, 05:31
and finally Esther.......P47 Thunderbolt


Drop and Stop
12th Oct 2001, 15:16
Anything based at Groom Lake/Area 51...

12th Oct 2001, 17:03
Hmm I could day dream for hours on this one!
Only five ? in no particular order.

F/A 18 Hornet Taking of and landing on a carier at night.

The Space Shutle

P-51 (H model - extra horses) on a live fire ground atack exercise.

Gee Bee, pilon racing for a challenge.

Wright Flyer - the grand dad of them all.

12th Oct 2001, 17:08
Ah buggrit. All the above and more.
Anything, any time, any where. :rolleyes:

Cantankerous Old Bastard
12th Oct 2001, 18:14
Anything with a nice big cushion for my HEMORRHOIDS.

15th Oct 2001, 00:46
Sunderland Flying Boat
EE Lighting (done 40 mins and would love more)
VC-10 (not flying them at the moment and so want to go back!

Oh and .......

Tonks :)

Dave Hedgehog
15th Oct 2001, 01:47
1) DC-3
2) Sea Vixen or Hunter
3) Spitfire
4) Summat old with two wings, a camel or a Tiger moth, something like that
5) something with loads of power, Like Applo/Saturn V for a quick trip to the moon and back with some green cheese
6) The sidecar/Aeroplane off Wallace and Grommit :D

15th Oct 2001, 02:34

1) MD902 Explorer
2) EC120
3) AS365
4) Citation X
5) Extra 300

15th Oct 2001, 02:40
Harrier FRS2
MK XI Spitfire
The successor to the F22 :-))

I noticed a few stating that a P51-D Mustang was in their top 5. Anyone interested in realising this dream should go to Jandakot airport, just south of Perth, Western Australia. A ten minute flight in a newly restored P51-D for 500 (Aus) dollars - about 250 quid. There's also a restored Hawker Seafury. Alternatively, they're up for sale...

Dream on guys.

15th Oct 2001, 03:36
Hard one this,
Let's try
1. Spitfire - of course
2. Me262 - gotta be a rush!!!!!
3. Me109G - I fly the Tiger Moth/Stampe/Turbulent for fun, it'd be interesting to see how the 109 matches up in the fun stakes. I bet it would be good fun!4. Focke Wulf Fw190A - just to **** off my childhood rival (who knows everything there is to know about aeroplanes, but never flies them, coz way back when, double glazing woz more important than learning to fly - I mean, I ask you!!!)
5. English Electric Lightning. JEZZZZZZZZUUUSSS!!!!!!!!!!! what a rush that must have been.
That lot apart, I have a list if 50 or 60 more planes I would love to fly/ to have flown. I know we're limited to five here - make it 50 next time!! :D

15th Oct 2001, 06:35
Concorde :) F-104 Starfighter, SR-71, Saturn 5 rocket.

Alpine Flyer
15th Oct 2001, 10:50
1. Concorde
2. Shorts Belfast/AN-22 (big AND 4 props)
3. SR-71
4. Me 109
5. L. 1049/1649

In real life it would probably rather be:

1. Stearman or Waco
2. Airbus
3. some nice high-performance glider
4. my current steed in the hope that the airline I work for makes it through the current unpleasancy
5. failing that, something radio controlled :-)

Onan, R100/101 is not a "gigantic" airship but LZ.129 was and LZ. 130 would have been even more so :-)

15th Oct 2001, 15:27
Like Sir Lurkalot, i wanted to fly the herc. but when i was on a tour of lynham and got to have a go.. it wasn't much fun. Now if they could do loops and rolls and stuff, then maybe they'd be a bit of fun. My list goes:-

1: Harrier (damn RAF OCU board for not picking me in the screwing 1st place!!)
2: C17 (looks like you could have a party in that thing while mid flight!)
3: Pitts special
4: Red arrow (hawk)
5: Spitfire MkVIX
:D :D :D

15th Oct 2001, 15:47
I want to fly a helicopter that can carry 8 people with 2 suitcases and a set of golf clubs each, which can do 650 knots at low level, with a range of 4000 miles, fully aerobatic and cleared to plus 8 and minus 4 'g'. Anybody know where I can get one?
:p ;) :D

16th Oct 2001, 15:12
Pretty much anything will do at the moment ... ;(

16th Oct 2001, 15:20
There is only 1 plane i wanna fly & thats the Flying Sub that was in the series called "Voyage to the bottom of the Sea"

Anyone remember it..............jesus what fun that would be

Perfect for loitering 10 ft Below sea level just off a nudist beach.........woohoo.

16th Oct 2001, 15:44

Been lucky and have flown many of the types that I wanted to fly.
Therefore a short list of types I would strap this here body into for free. :cool:

16th Oct 2001, 16:01
Not in any particular order...

1, Shorts Sunderland
2, B1 Bomber
3, F-14
4, Apache
5, Sea Fury

There's one more I would have in the lost, I'm flying it now!

Capt Byrd de Styrke
16th Oct 2001, 16:14
1. a USAF Hustler
2. Blackburn Beverley
3. Boeing 757-300
4. Tu-154
5. Mig-25.