View Full Version : Dash 8 Oil Fumes

The Job
27th Dec 2003, 07:15
Apparently the Dash 8 aircraft used for surveillance in Australia have been having numerous oil fumes in the cabin/cockpit events - does anyone know any more about this? Is it a similiar problem to the Bae146 saga??

Dan Kelly
28th Dec 2003, 19:44
The hot goss is that because SA are often after max loiter times, they're operating at such reduced power settings that the labyrinth (sp :confused: ) seals aren't sealing properly thus allowing some level of oil fumes into the aircon system.

Friends who operated the DH8 on RPT for several years (all marques to 300) have advised that in normal operations, this was not an issue.

Rumour also has it that the internal publishing of fuel usage against skipper has exacerbated the problem. :rolleyes: