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15th May 2001, 10:59
Have been watching "Big Brother" and we were disscussing it at work. This lass who just got the boot from the show is she really a Flight Attendent?

compressor stall
15th May 2001, 11:04
THis has been discussion in a couple of other threads, but so far, no one has owned up to knowng her.

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William Blake

15th May 2001, 12:29
Yes... she was appearently an ex Flight force FA, based in Melb...

Big Brother is Watching
15th May 2001, 15:52
Try part-time AN FA.

compressor stall
15th May 2001, 17:18
She was just on Rove and talked about training on a 747 and a 737 then slurred something else that might have been airbus...

So its one of the 2 majors in any case. She did claim not to have done the slide jump thing "for a while".

Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.
William Blake

15th May 2001, 17:47
My guess was AN too :)


Dave Incognito
15th May 2001, 18:09
A bit hard to do "the slide jump thing" when the slides don't work... :rolleyes:

Flying is easy - just throw yourself at the ground and miss.

15th May 2001, 19:48
Yeah stuff her, bring back ANDY !

cockpit radiated
16th May 2001, 04:54
yeah stallie, i think i caught "(airbus)320" in there too.

16th May 2001, 04:55
Yup!, I'd stuff Andy............

By the attitude I sorta guessed our FA worked for AN....


And remember, she's GoodToGo!

Lurk R
16th May 2001, 04:58

Down and Welded
16th May 2001, 15:04
Well, she polished off a bottle of bubbly on the show, then took a dump on the bathroom floor. Later, whilst cleaning it up, complained "it" smelt like rissoles...

Now, who's going to own up to owning HER!

(Sorry - you weren't having supper were you?)

16th May 2001, 15:12
I was pretty sure she said A321, if it helps...

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17th May 2001, 05:31
I think she may have cut her career as a flight attendant short.

Buster Hyman
17th May 2001, 17:10
Doohan got it in one!

26th May 2001, 15:23
She said she likes her Perth overnights the best because she can pick up a root in the Stamford Arms. What's wrong with the cockpit?

26th May 2001, 15:56
Waking up next to IT i guess! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

27th May 2001, 06:31
The fact that she mentioned the Stamford Arms confirms it. AN crew stay at Observation City while overnighting in Perth and the Stamford is the attached watering hole.