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24th Dec 2003, 08:02

report filed by our aviation reporter Tele Nolies


The hopes and dreams of countless millions of children were dashed today after a mid air disaster over Australia today.

Santa, enroute to the North Pole on a positioning flight, collided with a Cessna 4 engined twin turbojet propellor aeroplane.

The Cessna, which was reportedly being flown by an unnamed millionaire philanthropist and biscuit manufacturer, was operating in what air traffic controllers called Espace, and did not have a flight plan filed with the tower, witnesses at the airport said that the cessna was operating VFR (visiting friends and relatives).

Air Traffic Controllers union representative Led Tang said that the cessna and the passenger jet were both in class E airspace, which under the new airspace rules was recently declared as "safe" by the minister of transport. Mr Tang said that the air traffic controllers tried deperately to contact the cessna, but were unable to raise him on any appropriate frequency

The collision occured at 10 am Melbourne time, and witnesses reported seeing thousands of presents falling to the ground - "it was just like christmas" said one eyewitness.

A spokesperson for the Minister responsible said that as no air traffic standard is required between VFR and IFR aeroplanes in E airspace, the collision was the fault of Santa for not looking where he was going - "the fatman should have been seeing and avoiding" said the minister.

A spokesman for the NASIG said "BAH HUMBUG"

24th Dec 2003, 09:58
But thats ok cos there was no separation breakdown. loolololahahahahrofl.

Any more of that and you'll be banned it is simply not appropriate. W

funnily enough I came back to edit that due karma ;)

Howard Hughes
24th Dec 2003, 10:56
Dehavilland Driver, the gig is up!!

We now all know that you dont drive dehavillands at all, but are in fact an award winning reporter............. :ok:

Cheers and Merry Christmas. HH

25th Dec 2003, 07:15
Surely Rudolph was operating 'LIGHTS ON'. At least it wasn't a Virgin Plane.

31st Dec 2003, 05:54
Ironically, just heard a news story where Santa was indeed involved in an accident, details were still sketchy but they said he was in a helicopter crash somewhere in Europe, I think it was Serbia. :(

The good news is they said both Santa and the 2 crew survived. :ok:

31st Dec 2003, 10:17
Now it is on the Internet.

Actually four people including Santa, all survived.

Helicopter crash in Kragujevac | 13:55 |

KRAGUEJEVAC -- Tuesday Four people have been seriously injured when their helicopter crashed in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac.

The military helicopter came down at around 12.45 as it ferried a Santa Claus to a show in the town centre.

It crashed near the municipal hall, just a few hundred yards from a crowd of 500 children attending the show.

The four injured people were admitted to the local hospital. Their condition is not yet known. Police and army are on the scene.