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24th Dec 2003, 02:17
twice a day ex CHC, with the B1900

Kaptin M
24th Dec 2003, 06:21
When is someone going to operate a service CHC- Hanmer Springs?
There is a bus service for pax, and a couple of freight services, so I would imagine there wouldn't be a problem getting good payloads for an aircraft.

Barbers Pole
24th Dec 2003, 15:25

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but they have just shut down the Drug & Alcohol hospital in Hanmer!! You'll have to find a new place for your "holidays"

Merry xmas......:ok:

Kaptin M
24th Dec 2003, 16:51
That was a rehab. hospital, B.P., I don't want to make THAT big a step just yet ;)

If you haven't visited Hanmer Springs for 12 months or more, take a trip :sad: ...not one of THOSE trips... up there - the place is BOOMING. The little (wee, for Kiwis) village has tripled in size, and so have property prices :ok:
On any week-end, the terrorists (tourists, for Aussies) flock to the joint.
I reckon an air service from CHC would have no problem making a fist of it. The airfare alone would probably be cheaper than the fine you'd cop if you're caught speeding (around Amberley!! :\ ), and as H.S. is not such a big place (although they DO have a taxi.....ie. 1 taxi...service now:eek: ) cycle hire is all you need to get from one venue to another.

Here's hoping.

27th Dec 2003, 05:05
Kaptin M..

Might have to spend a bit on the runway at H.S first..

Took me a week to get all the Sheep s#it out from under the gear...

As for pax terminal.. at the moment it consists of a garden shed about the same size as a porta loo..
And from memory, there is no I.F approach - route into Hamner..

Awesome place though...


29th Dec 2003, 08:59
Eagle should be operating CH-MC-WF-QN-MO and return.

That way the whole SI Alps region would have an air service.

:ok: :ok: :ok:

Foreign Worker
30th Dec 2003, 07:33
I am with el Kapitan on his idea, having only recently visited New Zealand and with Hamner Springs being one of the highlights of my tour there.
Such a delightful, idyllic, little alpine village with thermal pools, horse riding, trekking, and loads of most excellent restaurants.
I didn't do a bungee jump from the small bridge, but the jet boating in the Wairaki Gorge was nothing short of totally awesome.
You New Zealanders certainly have a magnificent country.

2nd Jan 2004, 05:15
PIONAIR already operate to 4 out of the 5 of those centres, just that its Charter only.
If Mt Cook( ANZ) hadn't mucked up their relationship with the tourist operators, (esp the Japanese by just bypassing MC when they didn't have a good load etc) then maybe there would still be a scheduled run in there and not hundred's of buses!
There was a time when there were 748's and ATR's in there all the time, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time and since then ANZ's lack of insight into this great spot has dwindled a HUGE oportunity.:confused: :confused: :confused:

3rd Jan 2004, 09:52
Quite agree.

From what I have been told the ATR loads were too light to continue an everday scheduled service. One must ask the question, what happened to all the passengers that used to visit Mt Cook in the days when Mt Cook used to have 10-20 HS 748 movements a day?

Techo Taxi Driver
6th Jan 2004, 02:10
Loads too light for an ATR? Hmmmmm don't we have 19 seaters in the Air NZ fleet...

ski pilot
6th Jan 2004, 05:16
great idea about including MC as part of the wanaka connection, things have been very quite in this neck of the woods since MC airline pulled the plug.
we still see the tourists up here but travelling on coaches, things started going down hill when the mount cook company pulled there operation apart. selling off the tour coaches, trucking, GA op's, and airnz taking over the rest. used to have one hell of a one stop shop for the visitor to nz.
then came along THL (tourism holdings limited), well what can i say!! a great example of how to run an avaition business?, the avaition enthusiasts pushed aside and the fat cat accountants in akl left to run the show into the ground...
pioneer have invested in the business up here with widening the runway for the cv580, up until now the runway has been one of the limiting factors in another operator flying into MC airfield to carry on where the airline left off.
some of the loads were very light into and out of MC, sometimes as little as 4-5 pax, but i'm sure with some marketing the table could be turned and crank things up again...fingers crossed .
safe flying.

6th Jan 2004, 15:23
How can an Airline pull out of the destination that gives it its name ?!?! Well I suppose it is just AirNZ link now.:{