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25th May 2001, 03:08
Just wondering how many of you have joined this special club which unfortunately does not accumulate air miles ? Unfortunately i'm not but anyone had a rogering in the COCKpit ??? ;)

25th May 2001, 04:29

25th May 2001, 04:42
It just so happens that... :) May be when I go to DEL in August?

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25th May 2001, 04:49
Am i am member, afirmonesagoodone.

25th May 2001, 05:04
Not even a member of the surface level club

25th May 2001, 05:05
Was well up for it, but as an FA my tights killed the passion!!!

25th May 2001, 07:34
How much does it cost to join?

Juliet November
25th May 2001, 11:53

A300 rear lav (not much room, it should be added) KGS-CPH a few years ago. Not all it's made up to I'm afraid. Expect bruises.


Boss Raptor
25th May 2001, 13:02
Yes...corporate B727 somewhere between LHR and SNN on a training flight...with gf who was just like the aeroplane crazed lady in that classic Spielberg movie '1941'...

25th May 2001, 15:07
I like it, I like it alot ! Keep um coming.... How about some more detail as in the positions that can be acheived plus the skill that has to be carried out for the ultimate goal of succes. YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


compressor stall
25th May 2001, 17:05
Yep. In a c210, without autopilot!

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25th May 2001, 18:46

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">anyone had a rogering in the COCKpit ???</font>

Well, errm, where I come from, to get a "rogering" is to cop it up the @rse. If that is what you're really asking, then my answer is absofuhkinglutely NOT. I guess it's one way to join the mile-hi club, but it ain't my idea of fun! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

However, if you meant to ask about the common garden variety shagging at or above 1 nautical mile above ground level then YES, I most certainly have had the ... errm ... pleasure ... errm ... challenge ... errm ... bruising.

Never DID get the T-shirt though! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

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25th May 2001, 18:52
Mile high and 2 mile high club in the same day, same airplane, with the same gf. Ist time (mile high) in the cockpit (piper navajo). She was petite which made it possible, the autopilot helped a lot too. On the return leg, welcome to the 2 mile high club on the cabin floor, ( had some seats removed ). The autopilot was a real godsend on that leg. Still think about her often, she was a real good sport....

25th May 2001, 19:05
I definately did not mean up the gary ! always hetro for me NOT homo !!
In this country (uk) rogering means a good old fashioned shag.

Back in the Barrel
25th May 2001, 19:38
CL604 - you is da man, bro.

Cento per Cento!

25th May 2001, 19:42
I once had a [email protected] on the upper deck of a No. 49 omnibus ,while proceeding west on the Vauxhall Bridge Road, any good ?.

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25th May 2001, 21:22
Not yet. But it is on my agenda.

26th May 2001, 15:29
Well not yet but it's on my list.

If &gt;6000 foot mountains count then I'm twin endorsed.

Messy but fun at parties

26th May 2001, 17:59
Not me - but I was told of a mate who allegedly joined the 10 (statute) mile-high club with a little WRAF on the vis bomb aimer's couch of a Vulcan at FL 530. Allegedly she was worth the struggle with immersion suit, life preserver and AVS although they both were nearly hypoxic by the time they'd got the tick!

fly real fast
27th May 2001, 00:53
Know a guy who had a **** while driving a PA-31, with semen all over his hand wiped it all over the cockpit. Control collum, avionics, instruments etc. Anyone thought "what's been here before" when you touch the controls? make you hungry?

Bird Strike
27th May 2001, 06:00
Unfortunately not us, yet. Neither of us like doing public display, nor the aircraft dunny, and my hubby's too tall for doing it in a control seat of light aircraft.

However, if there is a viable alternative to public display, a/c toilet, or bruises caused by controls, please suggest it so that we may attempt joining the club in comfort.

27th May 2001, 12:06
Ok lets see how many diff aircraft its actually been done in, Weve had C210, A300, Navajo, oh yes a Vulcan! More guys and girls MORE!!

27th May 2001, 16:31
Not a member, but always willing to join, any offers?

27th May 2001, 17:17
Kabullet... "F" model Aztec (a few times). Now I know what the "F" means! :) Also in a C172 - and that really was the hard way to get a f***! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Birdy... It ain't the real thing if there's no discomfort involved. That's part of the challenge and thrill of it! ;) O' course, anyone who can't get a f*** any other way will put up with any amount of inconvenience and bruising! Who? Me? No, no, no ... that's NOT what I meant! :)

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The Nr Fairy
27th May 2001, 22:01
Ozexpat :

But there's no "F" in an Aztec :)

28th May 2001, 02:00
Im a long time member... and I married the gal. Still is after 20 years she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28th May 2001, 17:53
When and where Loki ???? But finding a plane may be a but hard how about somewhere else ?? :)

28th May 2001, 19:13
Nr Fairy... nope, not any more! :)

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30th May 2001, 16:29
Yep, up the front of a PA31. The autopilot earned it's keep on that flight.

Had some passengers in the back of a Baron go for it one night, couldn't half tell, I wanted to turn around and say "HA caught you", but I thought better of it. I did ask them how they enjoyed the flight when we landed.

30th May 2001, 17:13
In a C150. but only about half a mile high. And then again, since Americans have an alternative way of defining sex, this probably won't count.

Swamp Rat
30th May 2001, 17:23
In a Grand Van, over the Makgadikgadi salt pans, the autopilot also earned it`s keep.
Lots of room though !! :) :) :)

xs calf
31st May 2001, 03:30
Buddy driving 747F.
Two male & one female grooms on board looking after horses.
In cruise, male groom asks how high they are. Captain says "35,000 feet." - "Is that more than a mile?" asks groom. "Quite a bit." says captain.
Five minutes later crew look in upper deck; only one (male) groom in evidence - bunk area curtains pulled tightly shut.
http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif :) http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif :) http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif :) http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif

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31st May 2001, 03:40
I have a copy at home of an NTSB preliminary report from about 1980. Cessna high-wing single hit a bluff above Lake Mead in the moonlight.

This is almost a direct quote (I memorized it): "Based on the positions of the bodies and certain injuries to the pilot, it was determined the passenger was performing oral sex at impact...."

1st Jun 2001, 21:20

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">"Based on the positions of the bodies and certain injuries to the pilot, it was determined the passenger was performing oral sex at impact...."</font>

Now THAT is the way I wanna go! :) Hmmm, wonder if he actually got to cum before he had to go? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

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3rd Jun 2001, 13:06
BirdStrike - I was in a VIP 727 recently, Nice big Stateroom, with ensuite. The big choice would be where to do it... Have to agree with whoever said that the discomfort and risk is part of it. I am yet to enrol, but here's hoping!!!

OzExpat - Given the statement "certain injuries to the pilot", not entirely sure that that is the way I would like to go, coming, going or otherwise!!!! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

3rd Jun 2001, 18:16
WildBill... so you don't wanna die with a big smile on your face? And why don't you want to die with some sheila's face on your d!ck? When it's my turn to die, I can't imagine a better way to go tho, o' course, better in a grand four-poster than a plane! :)

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4th Jun 2001, 23:41
C172. A VERY long time ago.

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5th Jun 2001, 10:48
Not unless you count a hotel room in Denver, but I understand MHC is AGL.

Looking to join though, members of the fairer sex only (females).
TG 631 the 7th, BR 212 the 9th, SQ30 the 11th. B-Class all flights.

Guess which pax and win the prize!!
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Ranger One
7th Jun 2001, 02:30

I thought that was what the attic was *for*?


silly bag man
7th Jun 2001, 05:12

Could the fatal accident you refer to be http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_id=20001213X34876&key=1

I tried searching the NTSB database using the keywords "oral sex" but no matching accident reports were found.

7th Jun 2001, 05:19
C150, C210, Queen Air and Bandierante so far.