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23rd Dec 2003, 22:06
New CASA Charter issues by Minister...


24th Dec 2003, 04:58
"It is my view that a good regulator will exhibit specific behavioural attributes and these can best be summarised as follows. A good regulator will communicate and consult extensively with stakeholders. Its decisions will be consistent and predictable, based on transparent processes. A good regulator will demonstrate fairness, good judgement, and be flexible and responsive to the changing environment in which the aviation industry operates. It will be effective, efficient and timely in its operations and it will be accountable for its actions. In the provision of regulatory services CASA must provide a high level of client service and treat clients with consideration and courtesy. Finally, it will be [/i]independent[/i], enforcing civil aviation regulations, as it deems appropriate, while bearing in mind these expected standards of behaviour."

That's a 180 degree backflip since the days of Fumbles and yourself, eh Creamie? :}

Wonder how CASA can comply with the requirement to be effective, efficient? :confused:

24th Dec 2003, 07:33
It even mentioned such unheard of things as 'education', but nowhere did I read anything about 'promoting the aviation industry per se', as in the FAA's charter.

Still, the Minister has certainly come down on the side of aviation, rather than the regulators, but it's all in the interpretation.

When CASA win the 'trust' of the aviation industry, as annunciated in this Charter, then we wouldn't have to be so skeptical about how things will be interpreted.

The ball's in CASA's court now.


24th Dec 2003, 11:06
Having sat across the table from Bruce just recently and heard it direct, I can say that I have never been more excited for the future General Aviation than I am now.

Bruce knows what and how it needs to be done and I am sure is absolutely determined that it will be so.

He will need our proactive support and he certainly has mine.

I believe that CASA has been heading in the right direction for some time, has dedicated and very competent staff and now has a leader with the skills, background, the authority and Ministerial support to bring it all together.

John Anderson is to be congratulated on responding to the industry by selecting and appointing exactly the right man for the times.

24th Dec 2003, 20:16
It is pleasing to see change for the better.
I dont have any particular axe to grind with CASA. Yes I have had my run in's, luckily nothing of consequence. In fact I hold a healthy respect (or is it fear!) of our police officers who aim to keep us professional.
I have however noted that things in check and training such as delegate approvals (amongst other things) take a whole lot more time in one office as compared to others. "Efficient and timely" sounds good to me!
Good luck to the minister, I hope the hammer he may need to carry is not too big!

25th Dec 2003, 06:34
RV6. I read somewhere that provision had recently been revoked from the FAA's charter.

Gaunty me old mate. I think you are probably right about CASA now headed in the right direction, however will the new boy on the block be able to control the incompetence of the old guard management and how can the carnage caused by CASA in recent years, be undone?

26th Dec 2003, 07:32
Gaunty and torres

I hope that both of you are correct. However, having recently heard from an impeccable source how recent changes to both airspace and regulations were instigated and implemented, I have no faith in either CASA or it's erstwhile head to affect any change that has not been directed from elsewhere.

I shall not hold my breath. I've gone blue too many times in the past. Please remember that one of the three great lies in the world is, "I'm from the government. I'm here to help you."

A belated Merry Christmas to you all out there in aviation land. :)