View Full Version : Milestones - still further to go?

23rd Dec 2003, 04:43
With the various reports on the contents at the RAFM Hendon of the new 'Milestones' building - do we still need a musum in the which can paint a broader picture of aviation endeavour in the U.K?
The Science museum whilst having a superb collection is very much constrained by room. The Air-Space project at Duxford will feature military aircraft as it's core. Whilst naturally being confined by it's title - the IWM has come a long way from
when it could only be considered to be a collection of military artifacts. Collections such as Shuttleworth do preserve the lighter side of aviation but even then gliding in the U.K is only represented by a Grasshopper.
The imbalance of military v's civil aircraft preserved in the U.K is a serious cause for concern. Maybe the Science museum
and the HLF should consider development at Wroughton
to try and address the deficit and hopefully preserve some of the significant gliders and light aircraft which really are as much a part of our heritage as Hunters and Lightnings.