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Mr Creosote
24th May 2001, 03:41
With most forms of advertising there is an element of choice - with the TV you can go off an make a cup of tea, or even fast-forward the ads if you've videoed the program, no-one forces you to use the internet, and you don't have to buy newspapers and magazines if you don't want to.
I thought billboard advertising at the side of the road was bad enough, but what really gets my goat is sky-writing. This seems to be becoming more popular here in Sydney. The other morning on my way to work I was appreciating the beautiful clear blue sky from horizon to horizon until I noticed a large inane ad for a local ISP emblazoned across the heavens. Their smoke was the only blemish to an otherwise pristine sky. A TV company has also recently used this media to advertise the premiere of a really appallingly awful program of theirs.
Who gives these guys permission to use airspace for this purpose?
BTW, I'm surprised some smart-arse corporation hasn't registered a vapour trail as a trademark, and then reaped all the free advertising from the airlines, or sued them for breach of copyright. :)
What's next? When will space technology give us orbiting neon billboards, or lasers writing slogans on the moon? Enough already!! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif :mad:

Evening Star
25th May 2001, 01:39
Evil vapour trails? Ah ha, step forward the chemtrailers :)!

The Fokker's chocka ocker
26th May 2001, 19:04
Subliminal messages on the EFIS.
Company propaganda, coke and porn ads delivered in a nanosecond!

solly ocker she's chocka