View Full Version : General Erection.

23rd May 2001, 13:46
I think we should all wish Tony good luck in the coming erection competition.
His magnificent performance over the last few years, coupled with his team of fine upstanding Members....of Parliment, should ensure he is returned to his rightful position.

Tartan Gannet
23rd May 2001, 13:51
Well it must have worked, he certainly "Popped the Cherie" ;) (or should that be "POPED"?)

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23rd May 2001, 13:54
Let us hope that the new House of Commons, just like the old one, is populated with a lot of shining wits.

JPJ (pp. Dr. Spooner)

24th May 2001, 00:23
So who`s going to be the new Black Rod?