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22nd May 2001, 15:22
Well following on from the musician thread that was here a few months back, it's good to note that a fellow musician and flyer made it into the TV show last night.

Can't remember his name but an EZY Captain (who'd been flying for 14 years) was playing guitar in a band in Nice after his flight.

Funny that, I was playing guitar in a band for 14 years before I took up flying - does that make me EZY material?

He quoted good influences (Blackmore, Gilmore) and actually played quite well, needs a wig to go with those leather strides though!!

He reckons he had two pairs of knickers chucked at him, I only ever used to get cans and rotten fruit chucked at me!!!

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22nd May 2001, 17:12
The girls were saying he was a bit pasty, though.....

Needs fake tan like Wham! used to have!! :) :)

Charlie Foxtrot India
22nd May 2001, 17:32
Hmm! I used to play the bass, AND I had an Orange amp.

So where do I sign?

22nd May 2001, 17:46
And his singer was Les Payne, the pride of Marlow. Les is an ageing rocker who will never give up, and who can always fill the pub down the road.

22nd May 2001, 21:02
U_R, is that because he's playing in the pub UP the road?!

23rd May 2001, 00:32
That's unkind. Do you want to upset the whole of Marlow? Do you want Sir Steven R to have a tug at your rowlocks?

Seriously, Les is a well loved local character. Rod Stewart's career isn in no danger though.

Big Red ' L '
23rd May 2001, 12:23
Hmmmm.....I used to be a drummer..Always at the back of the stage so that means i should be cabin crew.....!! Where do i sign...???? :)

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