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compressor stall
21st Dec 2003, 17:09
From Goldfields Express December 19-25.

...Kalgoorlie MHR Barry Haase said the new system provided more certainty and rejected concerns about the abolishment of mandatory broadcast zones next year when more changes are introduced.

"Unless the industry clearly indicates the changes are accepted, why do them?,"(punctuation sic) he said.

"The Government does not have a death wish and does not make changes forthe sake of introducing change."

um, yep, exactly. Que? :confused: :yuk:

21st Dec 2003, 19:09
since we are into quotes....... mike smith in a letter to the guild dated 1 dec ...said....

"… In short, we believe quite strongly that the changes introduced on the 27th of November are safe and that an appropriate, indeed unprecedented, level of training and education has taken place….."

now i wonder which planet mike is on.......?

who is "we" and what qualifies "we" to say it is "safe"?

"unprecedented, level of training" what utter [email protected] - has not even scratched the surface - full of errors and contradictions....

happy christmas mike.... has santa got tcas?

the wizard of auz
24th Dec 2003, 09:16
Intelligent, Informed NAS comments, OK, I'llgive it a shot.............um.......erm.......ahh, nope can't think of any.

P.S. some how your stubby holder found its way into my car......I'll drop it off next trip mate. :ok:
I musta bin a little bit shakey when I left the other night mate. :\

compressor stall
24th Dec 2003, 18:15
N'urries....merry xmas mate!