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22nd May 2001, 14:03
If you think PPrune is getting boring. Try this site,it's hilarious especially when your tired and emotional.

www.pornolize.com (http://www.pornolize.com)

ickle black box
22nd May 2001, 14:13
hehehehe :) :) :) pprune will never look the same again. Shall I email a pornolized screen shot to Danny???

22nd May 2001, 16:14
Right behind you Icky...go on makes his day!

Drop and Stop
22nd May 2001, 17:18
Give him a bloody heart attack....!!!!

23rd May 2001, 06:45
http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif....Bl**DY HELL!! That sure will give Danny a heart attack! I nearly did from laughing so much! :) :)

23rd May 2001, 06:56
bet he won't like this:

PPRuNe was originally set up by Danny "Fat Ass" Fyne, an airline pilot with a ballbusting background in ballbusts as a pecking focal point for other ass****s and Screws with cocksucks to the sucking World "Bick Cock" Wide Web.

combi pilot
23rd May 2001, 07:28
but this is a hoot! :)

Jet "Bust-a-****" Blast
Where the fisting hot deep throats with too much spare time or fingers on their spanks can let off steam or crack a pecking few fingers for use on the wanking flight deck.
F**ks forum is wad pulled so...


Teenyweeny ATC Cdt Cpl
23rd May 2001, 13:37
A lot of the time it just adds random words, but I couldn't let these Forum name gems past:
"Shafts and Endearment"
"Military "Bitch" Aircrew"
"Cabin "Up the @rse" Crew"

And finally..
Screwed "F*ckface" W*nks:30998
I've only just stopped laughing...

23rd May 2001, 14:43
My favorite was:

Cabin "Mistress Anal" Crew
The other half of the sodomizing airborne team who put up with the muff sniffing self-fingering freight.

I also had a go at the CASA (Australian regulators) site here is the link: http://www.pornolize.com/cgi-bin/pornolize/pornolize.cgi?lang=en&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.casa.gov.au%2F&submit=Pornolize%21

Messy but fun at parties

23rd May 2001, 18:34
Done it to the BBC and CNN and made an unsightly yellow puddle on the floor.....

However, the creme de la creme was doing it to the Telegraph www.telegraph.co.uk (http://www.telegraph.co.uk) - ace!

compressor stall
24th May 2001, 04:56
Brilliant, just brilliant!

Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.
William Blake

25th May 2001, 00:06
Just done it to our own website and shown a printout to our technical director....

....I never knew he could run so fast to the server room!! :)