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Tartan Gannet
22nd May 2001, 10:37
They're at it again. Ignoring the old enineering law that "If it aint broke..." the noveaulogo brigade have re-launched , no doubt at enormous expense, the Granada Motorway Service Areas as , wait for it, roll of drums, scantilly clad dolly birds prance across the screen, MOTO!

What a minger! Conjures up thickos in white vans or souped up Fords with "Go Faster" clip on parts, dragging their knuckles as they, their over made up badly dressed wives and horrible noisy kids make for the smelly bogs then the chuke and puke diner to consume the usual plastic meal of beans chips and burgers. As Granada already had the Compass brandname which has connotations of transport and travel , why not use that rather than the moronic "MOTO"?

I for one will only stop there if bursting to relieve myself and will wait for the nearest "Welcome Break" instead.

I only hope Danny doesnt rebrand as "Interpilot" or some such nonsense!

This episode makes the Post Office rebranding as Consignia seem almost classy!

What are you most hated rebrandings or new logos?

22nd May 2001, 16:33
All of them. It's a silly and pointless fad that keeps undertalented and overpaid loudmouths in red braces in a job, that often costs up to 100,000 a shot. And that cost is past on to you and me, the ordinary consumer.

Private Eye runs an occasional column on the similarities between the logos of rebranded companies. There's a lot of recycling going on...

22nd May 2001, 23:51
Inevitably, NATS will have a new logo soon. I will be judging the new owners (the airline group) on the aesthetic merits of the new one. I suppose it can`t be worse than the current one but it`s possible that I may be unpleasantly surprised. It`s also possible that we`ll have a daft new name as well.

23rd May 2001, 18:26
"Air Supply" perhaps?


23rd May 2001, 23:22
Tartan Gannet -

STD instead of VD. What else?

At least VD had a kind of 'ring' to it. You could kind of spit it out. (Well, not literally; on the other hand .....)

VD also acknowledged the god of love, but STD...., it's just coarse. Said with a lisp it sounds downright ridiculous.

But wait, the rebranding hasn't finished - you can now enquire with confidence for the GUM Clinic!

Bring back VD, that's what I say.

And while we're about it, which daft bugger thought that rebranding Guinness was a good idea? Diageo? Do the greasy dagos outside the perimeter fence at BAe drink guinness. I doubt it.

23rd May 2001, 23:29
Can someone remind me again how much BA's squiggly lines cost? both to paint the re-paint when they realised they wern't going to work?

24th May 2001, 05:43
My favorite was NYREX, the agency rsponsible for disposing of nuclear waste. Their wonderful new logo that they got back in the late 80's was a line drawn box, with something glowing inside - nice touch - until you realised the glowing didn't stop where the box did. You'd rather hope they might be able to stop the radiation escaping - the logo didn't give me a lot hope.