View Full Version : Freedom to fly to FIJI

just a groundhog
20th Dec 2003, 16:40
Isn't competition a wonderful thing..

Last week I see airfares to Fiji at 700- 800 dollars and just when a new operator announces that they will introduce cheep airfares to Fiji in March next year Freedom (AKA Air New Zealand, AKA big brother) announces that they will also (after extensive research) be operating cheep flights to Fiji.

I just hope that this new operator doesn't end up like all the previous guys who thought they could take on the NZ Government (Air NZ).

21st Dec 2003, 17:28
Same sh*t, different day.

Competition IS a wonderful thing.

Lets have more of it. Soon the airports wont be able to handle the increase in traffic. Airways NZ definitely wont be able to and all the airlines will go broke. Then the poor ol' punter wont be able to travel. Make hay while the sun shines I say!!!