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20th Dec 2003, 08:51
Gday all,

This is not a windup!!!.

Over the last 5 years or so certain major airlines here in australia have recruited a large number of pilots from certain GA companies operating anything from barons,chieftains,metros,kingairs etc.form freight to pax.

I have worked for a number of these companies over the years and now find myself working for a company operating jets on the centre freight run.In my 3 years with this company there have only been a small percentage of us recruited to the majors compared with other companies doing similar contracts.

This is directed to the major airline industry and anyone else who believes they have a valid point.

My question is how does the airline industry perceive this company and its pilots in relation to its proffessionalism.

I would appreciate some honest answers and possibily some maturity not to just slang off at the company.


20th Dec 2003, 10:51
Maxx,it would help if you named your company,

Capt Snooze
20th Dec 2003, 12:17

'a company operating jets on the centre freight run', pretty much names them, whilst (possibly) avoiding suggestions of slander. Very small number of contenders for that description.

Interesting question though.

Another possibly relevant query/factor. Would the average age of the company employees bias the hiring statistics, given that this is a relatively 'senior' GA position?

20th Dec 2003, 20:18
MAXX - I am going out on limb here, and let me state I have neither airline nor Jet experience, but the perceptions held by Airlines of your Organization may have been coloured by the CFIT accident suffered by the company near Alice Springs some years ago. The BASI report into the accident alluded to some systemic problems at the time, which may unfairly tarnish the reputations of those that are there now, even if any issues arising from that accident have now been dealt with. I could be completely wrong of course, but information regarding why Airlines recruit the people they do doesn't tend to be very forthcoming - hence your question.

Northern Chique
20th Dec 2003, 21:58
Just a thought....

many of the guys I knew who have been with the company in question even after the Alice accident, have been taken on by majors... mostly Dragonair, Royal Brunei and the like as well as a couple of privateers drivin' some pretty sleek machinery.....

they went to the head office of the respective company for which they wished to apply, and were given details on the spot and interviews shortly thereafter....

IMHO, its more a reflection of the downturn in the industry demand worldwide, rather than any slight against the company. In fact, the combination of CTA and desert time was well regarded.

The companys handling and forward thinking paid off and is well respected within Australian circles. The remainder of the world however has contenders such as Polar, Fedex and the like... this company is much smaller and less likely to be noticed.

but Maxx.... all the same, I am happy for you, it cant possibly be as bad as 4-5 years ago...

21st Dec 2003, 05:28
Maxx, fear not. The Major Airlines do not have the luxury of discriminating against individuals based upon the "sins of the father." It is possible to get caught up in a tidal wave of bad politics, but that should bypass you at JetsInTheCentre. Airlines recruit based upon specific local requirements, hours, multi, command, jet, widebody and even age ( I think the senior GA position has validity). I have no doubt you will continue, as all have, to seek bigger and better (imagine being an FO on the space shuttle) flying positions.

Congrats on the Jet job. No doubt you are the envy of many who see you heading off into the dark. Oh yes.... mind the hills, and the water.

Hugh Jarse
21st Dec 2003, 07:52
My company, while not a major(?) Airline, is a subsidiary of one, so I don't know whether the following counts.

We have always employed former pilots from P****r. Some are now in senior Check positions, and others in varying positions through the ranks. The last person we hired from the Darwin base joined only a few months ago.

Prospective employers look more at the quality of the individual, rather than the company he/she is working for. There aren't too many aviation companies around that haven't had some sort of significant event in the past.

All the guys that I have flown with from P****r have all been very good operators and work well in multi-crew ops.

Hope this helps allay any doubts.

Willie Nelson
21st Dec 2003, 08:04
The only person that I have met who worked for you guys got in to CX not too long back now. I don't have much evidence to back it up but I do believe that QF will give you a go as much as the next man. I have known one guy in particular who has come from a company of ill repute (see other post on D&G re: said company.) he was asked questions toward this end but obviously came up with the goods.

I am with a company out in the scrub right now and feel very far away from the bright lights of the big city carriers but I do believe patience will be the key domestically speaking anyway.

Have you had much in the way of correspondence or testing to date with any of them...........?

1st Jan 2004, 10:35
Willie Nelson,

Very little response from any of the major airlines.
Had a response a few years ago from Cathay and did round one interviews in Sydney and was put onto a hold file for second interview,and even though Ive updated and tried to keep in touch I have had no response since.
Ive had some response from the regionals which Ive turned down interviews,mostly because I dont want to live in their bases.
Qantas have called me a number of times as I have been a referee for a handfull of pilots.(These guys are now working for Qantas).
It seems Qantas values my reference of those pilots to give them a job,but not enough for me to even get an interview.

Thats aviation I guess