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Cyclic Hotline
22nd May 2001, 10:23
Cars could be made from hemp in 10 years
By Barbie Dutter in Sydney

CARS made from the cannabis plant could be on the road within 10 years, Australian researchers said yesterday.
A team from the University of New South Wales is developing a plant-based and biodegradable material as the disposal of metal bodies becomes increasingly expensive. Alan Crosky, a member of the team, said hemp was more suitable than material from other plants, such as coconut or banana.

Mr Crosky said: "Disposal of old cars is a growing problem. It is only a matter of time before disposal becomes the owners' responsibility and the consumers are forced to pay the full life-cycle costs of their cars." Mr Crosky said the hemp material was renewable and lightweight, and further tests would determine its strength and durability.

He said: "In theory, a plant-based material should absorb more impact than metal, but we want to check the hemp to see if any weaknesses develop as it grows." While the research is in its infancy, Mr Crosky said it might take a decade for hemp cars to become viable.

Big Red ' L '
22nd May 2001, 12:30
This can't be true...!!!!!! If so, i am going to buy loads of Hot Dogs to sell at traffic lights.... :)

As for the film...Very, very, very funny.

"Shoot the moon guys......"

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....