View Full Version : US DOT Santa authorization docket

20th Dec 2003, 02:47
Yesterday the US Sec of Transportation issued an order approving the application of Santa Claus "for special operating authority to serve various rooftop markets." They even entered it into their docket. Not bad, I suppose (I mean, the "serve various rooftop markets" sounds like it came right out of the economic regs), but I think the humor might have benefited if they'd used a little less sugar. Also would have liked to been offered the chance to comment... ;)

May be viewed at http://aviationpolicy.org/DOT_Santa_2003_auth.html or the DOT docket site...


Genghis the Engineer
20th Dec 2003, 03:01
Ah, but it takes the US military to know exactly where he is. (http://www.noradsanta.org/english/home/index.html) , maybe they're in cahoots?