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Techo Taxi Driver
19th Dec 2003, 12:00
Has anyone been called up yet???:p

19th Dec 2003, 15:18

Any idea how many pilots needed or fleets .

19th Dec 2003, 15:47
I wonder when the Ex Ansett drivers are going to get their call. I can't see why they don't have right of re-employment under the Air NZ banner.

20th Dec 2003, 02:09
Heard from a B733 driver a couple of weeks ago that AirNZ were looking for 40 pilots for the B733 fleet alone next year.

TTD - were you refering to Air NZ Mainline/International or Link or all parts of Air NZ for interviews.

Rumours abound that all but Mt. Cook are preparing for more interviews early next year i.e. Jan/Feb


20th Dec 2003, 03:00
Dont discount Mt Cook.

There is movement there as well!

:hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

Techo Taxi Driver
20th Dec 2003, 03:37
Was refering to Air NZ proper. Heard they are going to interview a couple of times a month for the next couple of months. As far as I'm aware, they are interviewing for all fleets bar the a320.

As far as the links are concerned, eagle definetly is as is chook, not sure about nelson though.

Barbers Pole
20th Dec 2003, 04:35
Well don't get to excited BUT the word from the 733 fleet captain and some of the training guys is that we may need a 100-150 pilots in the next 2 years. Especially with the 767 replacement announcement to be made later next year, and new routes to be announced. (san francisco)

We have taken on 52 this year with 8 more starting in Jan.
11 chaps given the nod couple of weeks ago and probably interviews in jan.

Astro, after all the moaning,bitching and slagging off at AirNZ, I would have thought it would be too beneath the ex ansett guys to lower themselves to wanting a job with us. They have no "right" to a job with us just like everyone else.


BCF Breath
20th Dec 2003, 04:46
Air NZ is interviewing in Jan & Feb, with, as the gossip goes, more each month for the rest of the year.

I think the positions are for all the fleets (ex the 320 as said prev). But the 737 courses after the first one or two will be mainly filled by S/O's coming back to do some real work for once.

Other goss is that they are looking for 100 pilots in 2004. But I'll leave that to you to make your mind up on.

Nelson, well, are having a bit of trouble finding qualified/experienced drivers. One got recently "let go" after not coming up to scratch in the Sim. They have another ground course in Feb planned. That's three in 5 months!!
And the 17th SAAB arrives soon.

Eagle, who knows.

Mt Cook have a few on the Air NZ yes list, so a bit of goings on there. Plus goss again, has it that a few have put up their hand for PB.

Freedom, well, who knows, could be smarting soon if any of their crew go off to PB. Apparently most of their drivers have applications in there.

As for hiring Ex Ansett drivers, from the comments of the JetConnect guys, all they do is moan and groan about the old days (you know, that caused the problem in the first place).

In summary, get your CV's in, keep updating, get some multi time and don't get caught DiC/DuI this Christmas!

20th Dec 2003, 22:06

Most or Freedomair pilot's off to Pac Blue ? strange move.
unless they know something we don't.. do you want to tell us more.:ok:

BCF Breath
21st Dec 2003, 04:03
Have another read of the post. Not off to, applications in with...

A few Mt Cook drivers have also got them in..... Jet job in CHCH, sounds nice.

21st Dec 2003, 13:29
hmmm, living in CHCH nice? I don't think so Tim.

21st Dec 2003, 13:38
Barbers Pole

you are a real twit

21st Dec 2003, 17:22
NM interviewing tomorrow and next day.

Rumour has it they will need possibly up to 26 new faces in the next 12 months.

:ooh: :ooh: :ooh: :ooh: :ooh:

22nd Dec 2003, 06:11
all this talk of hiring taking place, these numbers seem to be the same as was bantered around this time last year, and how many did they take on then?!

Are you sure some of you aren't in the paid employment of Irene King ?!! haha

22nd Dec 2003, 08:11
Hi fella's,
Does anyone have a web address or point of contact for Air Nelson? Cant find them...
Thanks in advance!

22nd Dec 2003, 09:39
I can confirm Air Nelson is interviewing in January :D
Does anyone know of their interviewing process?

22nd Dec 2003, 15:16

From recent attendees, the standard format appears to be a singular 40-60 min interview.

Eagle is also interviewing mid-Jan.