View Full Version : NAS theory.

Red Moyayo
19th Dec 2003, 11:08
Try this on for size people. It is purely hypothetical of course.

A biscuit/peanut butter manufacturer calls up Little Johnny and explains that he/she is going to run against the current Minister for Transport and Regional Services (pretty sure that's this week's title) at the next election. Little Johnny is aware that the general public love their biscuits and he sees an embarrassing defeat on the horizon.

In order to prevent any embarrassment, Little Johnny appoints the bikky maker as the head of the airspace reform committee. In return, he/she promises with all their heart that they won't run against the previously mentioned minister.

The biscuit man/lady finally gets their preferred airspace system over the line and we all get to use eyeballs rather than radar to find other aircraft.

I suppose the upside is that we now have cheap bikkies and so we can donate the left over cash to backyard operators so that they may fix their transponders.

If only the general public cared enough about their own safety to present a united front against this rubbish. :(