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19th Dec 2003, 06:44
Now that Aviation is officially 100 years old - Pearse notwithstanding - are there any other Nostalgia contributers who wish to convene and discuss old aeroplanes in a pub, preferably located conveniently close to a mainline railway station easily arrived at by people from all over the UK?

Any weekend in Jan would suit me... I suggest a Saturday from 11am till closing time... A pub that does food and real ales is the best bet.



PS - Picnic at Shuttleworth - I haven't forgotten! Have you...?

19th Dec 2003, 15:48
Got anywhere in mind Tredders?

19th Dec 2003, 16:31
If we could find one near an airfield as well that would be even better (would need to do accomodation as well) - and Feb would be better for me as I am away until the end of Jan.

19th Dec 2003, 18:33
Feb would also be better for me, as I'm away early Jan and then hoping to use up the rest of the Jan weekends prepping for my Skills Test.

But yes, certainly interested! :ok:

19th Dec 2003, 18:58
Feb's fine for me - in which case you can all help me celebrate a significant birthday as well (I'm nowhere near as old as Flight itself though!)

Think the 14th would be out of the question though, as I am sure anyone who is interested in old aeroplanes is a romantic! Latter half would be best for me as I am on two weeks leave and would welcome the opportunity to give up the pretence of doing DIY!

I have absolutely no idea of a location - mind you "Old Warden" is starting to sing to me... there are several good pubs near by, Biggleswade Station is a couple of miles at most... Would that be feasible?

Or any other suggestions?


vintage ATCO
19th Dec 2003, 19:22
There are some excellent pubs around OW and I'd be up for running a shuttle service to and from the station.

Perhaps one or two people would care to fly in, if the airfield is OK, then myself and the other FISO can maintain our currency! :D Feb would be ideal.


19th Dec 2003, 19:48
I'll be in the UK until the 27th Jan and then back again on 18th Feb. OW sounds fine to me.

Genghis the Engineer
19th Dec 2003, 21:14
If you look on the "Bashes" forum you'll see that a group of us are meeting at the Museum of Army Flying on 29 December, why not join us?


20th Dec 2003, 02:17
Are non-aviation types (like me) invited?
Just a PPRuNe-a-holic, love Old Warden and want to meet some PPRuNers rather than watching from afar! Old Warden vicinity sounds great. The Greyhound in Ireland, The Greenman in Stamford, The Anchor in Tempsford to name but a few.

Can't do Sundays.


20th Dec 2003, 07:24
Anyone who cares about aviation, preferably wrinkled (I mean aviation not neccessarily those who care!) is invited! I don't have a licence either, but this forum gives me the opportunity to mix and exchange views with a variety of contributors, to most of whom I'd say "I'm not worthy...!" And I'd like to buy you all a beer...

And Saturday it is - licencing laws are more forgiving, plus a day to recover from the hangover...

Genghis - I'd love to come to Middle Wallop - I may see at least one of the exepected participants at the GatBash, so if it's feasible I may see you there.

20th Dec 2003, 08:00
OW area in February sounds great to me. :D

Quite like the Middle Wallop idea if I'm back from visiting relly's in time...

Only thing that slightly worries me, is how to recognise fellow PPRuNers? I think I saw and identified a few (Hairyplane, Airbedane, Man on the fence, DamienB) at Old Warden on Wednesday, but didn't really want to wander up and say "Hi, I'm BeauMan" for fear of appearing to be a total **** :D

20th Dec 2003, 11:35
Treadders - excellent idea

Wherever. Whenever. Up for it bigtime. Given our proximity, we could car-share for journey (if Thargette will allow use of her Nissan 200ZX).

BTW what are you doing Mon/Tues/Wed before Christmas? Fancy a pre-bevvy at the Coulsdon place?

20th Dec 2003, 12:30
I'd love to go to Middle Wallop but will still be freezing my bum off East of the Ural.

BeauMan look out for a Pprune badge or if meeting a group look for the group that is waffling at max volume about aeropleanes :ok: :ok:

20th Dec 2003, 16:31
BeauMan - next time, do come and say 'Hello', I'd be delighted to meet you, and any other PPRuNers at Old Warden.

In fact, I was quite disappointed last Wednesday on the perceived lack of PPRuNe support at the Old Warden event - I only met up with about 10 PPRuNers all day. It's only afterwards that I realised that we were all there, but too embarrassed to make the first move!

A fly-in in Feb would be great, remember that the Trust can provide limited accommodation (01767 626200).

Please, someone remind me at the start of next season to put out a PA message or two at the shows for PPRuNers to RV if they want to - and judging by the content of this thread, the beer hut at 1500 might be a good start.......:D :D :D


PS: As a matter of interest, how many PPRuNers were at Old Warden last Wednesday?

I saw and spoke to:

Grandad Biggles
Miles Magister

Who else was there?

20th Dec 2003, 16:59
Great stuff! Looks like this is going to be fun!

Tharg - be great to drive up with you. I am working each day next week and supposed to be out carousing each evening, but the Tuesday has a question mark over it and will probably be cancelled - I'll PM you on Monday or Tuesday if that's OK. I take it you do mean the evening? Otherwise between Crimble and New Year is fine, or any time thereafter...



20th Dec 2003, 17:33
Airbedane - thanks, I'll attempt to gather up a bit more courage next time! Now that I've extracted the digit and joined SVAS, I'll aim to pitch up quite frequently. To identify myself last Wednesday, I was the young (ish) chap in the blue fleece with sunglasses perched on top of my head. A bit daft, given that it was December...

LowNSlow - I've heard these PPRuNe badges mentioned from time to time. Any idea how I can get hold of one?

21st Dec 2003, 00:06

No-go on evgs in coming week, regrettably. Thought a lunchtime stroll through library at Fred T's might appeal but if you're working that's boogered that idea. Perhaps the week after Christmas?

Am still on for your original idea of Operation 'PPRuNe-strike', whatever the target might be.


21st Dec 2003, 04:12
In addition to those that Airbedane mentions (although I still haven't been introduced to Grandad Biggles, Ladyanorak or Margo yet) I had a number of people walk up to me and ask the question "do you Prune?" Those included


Just try walking up to someone and asking if they Prune (at an airfield that is - I dont suggest you do this at your local Tescos), if they say yes bingo, if not so someone you dont know now thinks your mad :}

Would like more info about a Proone badge, better still how about personalised PPrune clothing?

22nd Dec 2003, 16:21
Tharg, will PM you shortly.

Beauman. I acquired a very nice (and warm!) PPRuNe sweatshirt at the weekend; I'm sure there is something on this site about what's available, but otherwise contact InFinRetirement who will be able to advise.



22nd Dec 2003, 16:34
So how about an actual date for OW in Feb, then I can make sure I am off for it:ok:

22nd Dec 2003, 16:51
Treadigraph - if you're worried about not recognising PPRuNers at Middle Wallop on the 29th, I'll pin a book of raffle tickets to my top. ;)

If anyone is interested in PPRuNe clothing, you need to contact InFinRetirement aka PPRuNe Pop. We recently organised a batch of t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps. See the bashes forum to contact him.

22nd Dec 2003, 17:31
I'd suggest either 21st or 28th of Feb - don't know what the likelyhood of better weather is in late Feb rather than early, but I guess there'll be a few more minutes of daylight...

AerBabe, I think I'd recognise you anywhere now, or at least my Wallop, er, wallet would! :ok:

Sadly, I won't be able to make Wallop as, in all the excitement, I'd forgotten I will have a rental car to return that day, so an early enough start will be out of the question:(

22nd Dec 2003, 20:25
Im an SVAS member and obviously a Ppruner as well and as a non-licenced prune I would welcome the idea of a pprune gathering at OW next year.
Airbedane we will hold you to your word about the PA message.

28th Dec 2003, 18:35
Now that I have reduced the number of bashes in 2004, so that I and my 'helpers' can get the PPRuNe Fund working, I also plan to make at least two visits to OW. I promised Treadders and I will. Twill be nice to meet old friends. Maybe some with whom I flew even :ok:

28th Dec 2003, 18:45
Good idea an OGG (Old Gits Gathering) at OW!!.We need to encourage a few of the Pprune lovelies to come and wheel us around etc.etc.Now in my day etc.etc ring sight to pointer!!.:ok:

28th Dec 2003, 18:57
Stampeeee! The latter part is what happens to OG's! Take it from me. Check your PM's. But although I will wheel you around - I can still walk - just! :}

29th Dec 2003, 00:46
I'm an SVAS member and fortunate enough to live close to Old Warden. Unfortunately, I didn't get there at all this year - my shifts seemed to clash with every event :{

However my New Years Resolution is to get to OW as often as possible in 2004, along with Mrs Simtech (also an SVAS member). It would be good to meet other Ppruners, so I will keep an ear open for the PA announcement. :ok:

A very Happy, Peaceful and Safe New Year to you all.

29th Dec 2003, 05:41
An OW bash sounds good, however it would be good to know asap which display we are going for as a few of them clash with other dates in my diary, I would hate to miss it.

vintage ATCO
29th Dec 2003, 05:55
I think we are going in two different directions here. . . . :confused:

Aren't we talking about a Nostalgia (or Old Gits, if you prefer :D ) Drinkies Bash, possibly combined with a fly-in, at or near OW in February . . . .

. . . . and . . . .

a PPRuNe meet up, announced over PA, at one (or more?) displays next season ?

And there was also a picnic at one of the displays mentioned some time ago.

I'm up for all three!! :D:D:D


30th Dec 2003, 02:24
How old is Old? :confused:

30th Dec 2003, 04:19
Vintage ATCO is correct - we are talking Old Gits Vintage Nostalgia Fly-in and Drinkies Bash... February 21st or 28th? Anyone want to firm up either of those days?

The Picnic and PPRuNe airshow get-togethers at Old Warden will be later in the year... Get your camera out MotF and be there!

How old is old? If you like old aeroplanes and aviation history, or if you just suffer from nostalgia, you qualify!

Airbedane - do we actually need to do anything official to organise this?

Hoping you all had a very happy Christmas and are not in danger of exceeding your AUW... I know I have, my chair it doth protest too much...!



Grandad Biggles
31st Dec 2003, 00:26
Sorry Guys, I am a little late on this one, Xmas Cheer and all that goes with it.

I need to check out with the permanent staff when they return next week, that facilities would be available and there are no conflicts for a Fly-in (Do not forsee any problems except perhaps the weather or surface conditions)

Watch this space!!!!

Lets go for 28th, provisionally.

I will check out availablity of overnight accomodation at the collection and obtain info on other local Hotels and Guest houses for those who may wish to stay over.

Where to go depends somewhat on how many are likely to come.
Perhaps those who are interested could indicate so I have some approximate numbers, indicating if for a meal or just a chat over a beer.
It should be possible with enough notice to make reservations for dinner if that was desirable. That may mean deposits would be required. I am happy to coordinate if needed.
Alternatively we could just turn up and take a chance
What's the concensus?

Re Prune bashes during the season, again no problem but perhaps we could establish a seperate thread for each.
It would be easier to administer.

31st Dec 2003, 03:24
GB, tis better to avoid too many threads on the same subject - bashes that is! Bandwidth and all that!

With my mod hat on, it would be better if we could keep this particular idea in Nostalgia rather than in the Bashes Forum. I suggest that Treadders organise two dates in the same thread. I do it most of the year. But this time I am more than happy to tag along. However, I cannot do the 28th - I am at an aviators dinner. :rolleyes:

How old is old? I am still an aviation nut and I don't even think about it. What I say is: "What YOU see, is not how I feel." :D

31st Dec 2003, 06:00

Thanks for asking, but as far as the Collection is concerned, there's nothing you need do if you plan for a number of like-minded people to fly-in or meet up at Old Warden on a display day. A heads-up (PM?) to myself, Ladyanorack, Grandad Biggles and VintageATCO would be nice, but it’s not essential.

For a non-display day fly-in there is normally an extra charge for ATC and fire cover, but I expect Grandad Biggles has lost that for the February Bash as ‘essential ATC continuity training’!

If a lot of PPRuNers do plan to fly-in on a display day, bear in mind that there is limited daylight time left after the shows in early and late summer and it may not be possible to get you all away – if you have a problem with this, let us know in advance, and we’ll try to accommodate you. Again, forewarned is forearmed and an early telephone call for PPR will help us arrange the necessary landing and departure slots and parking places.

Next season, I’ll endeavour to get the Commentator to put out a rendezvous time and place at every show – the Beer Hut at 1500 (day show) and 2000 (evening show) seems favourite at the moment. Let me know if you have a better idea.

Finally, we need a badge! Has anyone out there the skill to put the PPRuNe logo, with a space underneath it for a name, onto a downloadable file that we could print off and stick on our person. I haven’t, but there must be someone out there who has………?

Looking forward to seeing you all at Old Warden in 2004,

31st Dec 2003, 15:49
I have to tell you that IFR was still holding a beer in his hand when I staggered from the GatBash at 0445! And still enthusing too!

So lets make this thread the rallying cry fro all vintage enthusiasts when the Shuttleworth shows are on...

Should we make this thread sticky? And would the 21st be OK for the rest of you?

Thanks Airbedane, great ideas. With IFR's blessing I can create a Word file for people to download and create their badges from.

So can we have a roll call of people who would like to attend a fly in and/or drinks at Old Warden/local pub in February, indicating your preference for the 21st or 28th.

And in case I don't get back online before Friday, have a very Happy New Year!


31st Dec 2003, 16:31
Will try and get a day pass for either day. Will have to grovel to Mrs Fence though, she has just seen my airshow program for next year and is not impressed. :E

List me as a Probable

31st Dec 2003, 16:47
Well, well, well...

I was at OW on the 17th (where else to be?) so that's another PPruner, avec Ms JDK, who was there.

I'd be delighted to meet up with some PPruners at OW shows (I get to many of 'em - where else could be better?) so a PA at each show would be great. I did look for MOTF, but there didn't apear to be anyone astride the mentioned item...(!)

There's a small chance I might be able to make the 21st Feb (and certainly not the 28th) may I cast a small vote for the 21st? Was slightly peeved on the 17th when someone mentioned it took him 1/2 hour from Finmere in his Aircamper while it takes us a good 2 hr from nearby Bicester way by road - but at least my MG isn't 'open cockpit' I reminded myself- can still move without breaking up on arrival!

Looking forward to as Blue Peter PPrune style badge experience. The DHMCo badge at Woburn works well (for those that haven't seen it, it's a moth cutout shape in the middle of a coloured sticky circle - still not sure how they fire a moth through the paper, but hey...)

Looking forward to a new (SAFE!) flying season.

Cheers to all,
James K

31st Dec 2003, 16:58
Somebody call?

I'll be happy to supply the PPRuNe labels. All that will be required is to add the name. Not a problem. Consider it done but - Treadders - let me know what you want to do.


1st Jan 2004, 01:37
Shall aim to be there either in the "Lunchliner" or the trusty diesel(much more sensible) on the chosen date subject of course to the vagaries of the roster and the need of the the "great unwashed" to getaway from it all.Don,t forget there is loads of cheap accomodation at Shuttleworth ideal for a night to remember!!.:ok:

3rd Jan 2004, 01:47
Can someone do a casting vote?

21 or 28 February!?!


3rd Jan 2004, 04:35
I suspect Grandad Bigles is waiting 'til Monday when the Collection comes back to work to find out when the airfield is available.

Until then, patience, please, chaps.


5th Jan 2004, 15:59
For what it's worth.....
21st Would be Preferable for me. 28th is my Wedding Aniversary.


8th Jan 2004, 23:42
I can make the 21st!!

9th Jan 2004, 01:37
21st for me too.

Grandad Biggles
9th Jan 2004, 03:11
I don't think 21st will be a problem but waiting for final confirmation. Hopefully tomorrow.
Will have a list of local accomodation and details of landing fees for those who wish to come by the preffered method.

9th Jan 2004, 03:16
Cheers GB! Fingers crossed!

CamelPilot, fancy a pint or two later this month? We can discuss required details from the PPRuNe pov - and have a natter as well!

In fact, anyone else fancy a pint in the Sutton area? Probably The Harrow at Cheam...


Grandad Biggles
10th Jan 2004, 00:53
OK Folk's
21st February is confirmed
Tower will be open from 10-00 until sunset
There will be limited refreshment available at the Collection shop due to the refurbishment but I think the idea is to meet in the evening for some, if not most.

1. The Holiday Inn Sandy 01767 692220
2. The Barns Bedford 01234 270044
3. The Kings Arms Sandy 01767 680276
4. The Old Warden Guest House 01767 627201
5. Sweetbriers B & B Old Warden 01767 626398
6. The Crown Hotel Biggleswade 01767 312228
7. Stratton House Hotel Biggleswade 01767 312442
8. The Green Man Stanford 01462 812293
9. The Carriage House Shefford 01462 580855
10.The Swan Hotel Bedford 0123346565

Some accomadation may be at the Mansion but check this out Tel 01767 626200
Will come back re landing fees and collection entrance. I am still negotiating

Over to others for discussion re evening arrangements

11th Jan 2004, 01:11
Ah a decision at last ,may be a tad to late to influence my personal rosterer and fun police person.May just be lucky its a fairly quiet time of year here,s hoping!!.Fingers crossed!!:ok:

12th Jan 2004, 03:07
Here's some local knowledge:

The nearest Pub to the Collection is 'The Tavern', it's part of the Trust and situated about 50 yards from the Trust accommodation. The choice of beer is small (mainly harles Wells Bombardier) and it can get full of students, but I still use it from time to time.

The next nearest within walking distance is the 'Hare and Hounds' in Old Warden village. A great pub with good beer (Old Speckled Hen on draft!), but the bars are a litle small for a big party. Food is good.

The 'Black Horse' at Ireland is another great pub with good beer, excellent food ( but a little expensive) and accommodation. It's about 3 miles from OW.) Tel: 01462 811398

The 'White Horse' in Southill also has good beer and food, but no accommodation. Again, its about 3 miles from OW.

Being selfish (my flat is within the Trust grounds), my choice would be to get acommodation at Old Warden and use the Tavern or the Hare and Hounds. However, as things are going, I may not be there on the 21st (or the 28th) as I'm on a course at Bournemouth.

Over to you!

12th Jan 2004, 15:18
Great news! Thanks Grandad Biggles!

Stampe, Airbedane, sincerely hope you will both manage to be there!

I suggest that we start off in The Tavern and, if things get noisy (either us or the students!), we move to the Hare and Hounds! Incidently does the Tavern do scoff?

So: how many people out there intend coming (either by air or surface transport!), and how many intend staying for the beer?



13th Jan 2004, 02:36
The Tavern to the Hare and Hounds sounds like a good plan to me, Treadders. Anyone else have an input?

Unfortunately, the Tavern doesn't do food (apart from crisps and nuts), but there's a great chippy in Biggleswade, and it won't be the first time I've brought the spoils into the Tavern to eat.......... Also, some local takeaways will deliver.

The Hare and Hounds do a good meal, but as such, they are popular and it's prudent to book.

'Sounds like we have the makings of a good night, here...


16th Jan 2004, 22:37
Hope not too late to join in, I haven't been online for a few weeks.
Can make the 21st plus partner - sounds a good evening
By the way Man-on-the-Fence we have met I believe, once last summer?
See you all on the 21st

16th Jan 2004, 22:49

Hmmm, now I'm curious. When and where?

16th Jan 2004, 23:06

I have spoken to Shuttleworth and they do have various single/double/twin rooms available - in the Mansion with shared bathrooms, and elsewhere on site with en-suite. PM or email me for prices. Breakfast is, of course, provided :ok:


16th Jan 2004, 23:43
Treadders: Have been holding off on this one, but have just had confirmed that my presence is required at Changi for Asian Aerospace 2004. So, sorry not to be there, but I'll raise a glass of Tiger to you all on 21st, and see you next time!

17th Jan 2004, 00:00
Ah, shame Aerohack.

Still, we'll hopefully see you at Shuttleworth displays later in the year, and I have a feeling we'll be organising more of the same...

19th Jan 2004, 21:38
Shall be over in Das Reich that w/e, so regrettably shall have to give it a miss on this occasion. But have fun, chaps and chapesses!

19th Jan 2004, 22:10
I'd love to come but I work Saturdays. 21st Feb is my 50th birthday, so have a beer for me everyone!

20th Jan 2004, 06:33
For any pilots flying in on the 21st, we will be selling fuel on the day.

See you all there.


20th Jan 2004, 16:08
Welcome aboard Fergy 1!

22nd Jan 2004, 17:55
Looks like I should be able to attend but by road due work commitments between trips.Will have to drive up from Cardiff on saturday morning and either night stop OW or leave after the celebrations.Either way very restricted on the fun juice!!.So how many are going to attend and how many staying overnight??.Will influence my decision!!.Looking forward to meeting you all.

vintage ATCO
22nd Jan 2004, 18:53
Count me in!


22nd Jan 2004, 19:17
I'm coming. Definitely during the day. Maybe stay for a pint in the evening. Live nearby so not staying overnight.


22nd Jan 2004, 20:13
I'll be there for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast, and any beverages in between...

22nd Jan 2004, 20:49
I'll be there.

(Note to self, get accommodation organised this afternoon...)

22nd Jan 2004, 21:34
Just booked a room - tel 01767 626200 - there is accommodation available, but the lady mentioned a wedding party so if you do want to stay, might be best to call ASAP!


23rd Jan 2004, 05:20
Please log me as 'probable' to 'definite maybe'. We discuss next week at Coulsdon?

Grandad Biggles
23rd Jan 2004, 23:57
I think this is a case for a "ME TOO"

Fees for the day

£6.00 for landing includes entrance to the Collection Hangers for one person

Collection Hangers entrance fee for others is also £6.00

OAP's (Other Ageing Pilots) are £5.00

Best I could do!

4th Feb 2004, 20:09
Just bringing this to the top and to remind the Nostalgic that this event is in a little over two weeks! Saturday 21st February at Old Warden.



Tim Mills
5th Feb 2004, 11:14
Wish I could, but too far! I'll no doubt raise a couple of glasses of cold and fizzy wishing it was rather less cold, and was Real. Occurs to me I'll have to do it for breakfast 22 Feb by my calender to get the timing right; the things we have to put up with! Have a good one, as they say.

6th Feb 2004, 19:06
See you there...

6th Feb 2004, 21:58
Managed to squeeze into the Mansion. Hope my aerial carriage is sorted in time to arrive in the right way. Look forward to seeing you all there.


7th Feb 2004, 00:00



7th Feb 2004, 00:33
Doc. So? (says the man with no kids!)

7th Feb 2004, 00:43
Sadly the "fun police" aka rostering spotting a window of pleasure in my life ie. the evening of the drinkies bash and decided my saturday evining would be better spent transporting the great tatooed , pierced and unwashed members of society to a place far away to debauch themselves!!.So Monsieur Stampe will be unable to attend unless things change which does happen sometimes!!.heres hoping !you all have fun.:ok:

7th Feb 2004, 04:52
What time are the 'Nostalgics' planning to assemble on the 21st?
Where will you be assembled?
Do we just look out for the Bathchairs?
Is there a plan for the day?
Is there a minimum age for a 'Nostalgic'?
Sounds like it has the makings of a very enjoyable day



9th Feb 2004, 15:16
I think if the airfield will be open from 10am, I'd hope to be there about the same, traffic on the M25/A1 permitting...

VintageATCO/Airbedane where would be a good assembly point?
Near a source of tea if the weather's nippy...

No plan for the day as yet; let it pan out as it may! Suggest for those who are staying for the evening session we gather in one pub or other, get a bite to eat and enjoy the chat.

There is no "age" in Nostalgia! Mind you, 18 plus might be best for the evening bit... :D


vintage ATCO
10th Feb 2004, 00:05
Yep, airfield opens at 1000.

I'm not sure of the state of play of the restaurant as I believe it has/is being worked on over the winter period but I don't think it closed completely. Someone will come up with the correct info shortly I'm sure.

Initial place to meet would be the shop/restaurant which isn't too far in the gate. Car parking is a bit further on, in front of the hangars (but not right in front of the hangars!). I guess people will be turning up at different times though.

Grandad Biggles and I will be at the tower. Come and say hello through the day.

Is anyone coming by train and would like picking up at Biggles station? PM me.


10th Feb 2004, 02:03
The resataurant as you would know it is closed until about mid april. The new and temporary Colection entrance is currently in Hangar 4, which is about 1/3 way down the line of hangars. There's seating just inside and there's a temporary kithen for light snacks and drinks in the hut we use for the same purpose on display days.

So, I suggest we meet in the Collection entrance if the weather is inclement (sp?) and/or outside if the weather is kind. Either way, a home-made PPRuNe badge would be helpful.

I'm still not sure of my movements that wekend, but I'll try to make it to either the day or the evening, at least.

10th Feb 2004, 20:50
I'm one of those awkward ones who can't make the 10.00 rv, so is there any mileage in setting an afternoon meeting point for us late-comers. Say, 14.00 at the tower?

16th Feb 2004, 19:24
Hi all, I will be there with partner in tow and probably in and out of the Collection all day.
Refreshments are available from the hut that is open on flying days, and they are able to provide hot drinks, soup, burgers, bacon butties (nice!!!), crisps, and biscuits.
If it is cold or wet then seats are available in the temporary shop in Hangar 5 and the heaters will warm the cockles.
Look forwrd to seeing everyone.
Until Saturday.

The Tavern will be open on site (Old Warden Park) on Saturday from 1930-2300hrs, if anyone thinks that we will have more than 20 people meeting there, can you let me know on 01767 627500 so that I can let the Tavern know and they will put on more staff, if not then please be patient when waiting to get served.
Cheers and see you all on Saturday

16th Feb 2004, 20:37
OK Heres my plan

I will try and get there (by car) for 10am to get piccies of as many of you as possible landing. It would be useful if I could know whos in what and expected at what time.

Not sure about the evening yet, will probably go with the flow.

Grandad Biggles
16th Feb 2004, 21:52
Runway and Aerodrome surface checked late last week and found to be servicable.
Top surface a little slippery as you would expect at this time of the year for grass.
A little rain over the weekend would not have made much difference.
Most likely problems looking at the forecast seem to be Frost and
/or Fog
If any doubts give us a call before you set out as we will check again on the day.

19th Feb 2004, 06:20
Plan to prepare some PPRuNe name badges Thursday based on "ayes" from this thread - let me know if you are definitely coming, I need to email badges to my friendly print room by 2pm so they can print and pass to me in the pub Thursday night - I'll get some blanks done as well.

CamelPilot - I am at home this week, will mail you Thurs!

Airgage, got your email, see you there!

Tharg, what are your plans?

Just noted that England v Scotland will be on the Beeb on Saturday evening - perhaps we can repair to the pub in time to watch some of the match!


19th Feb 2004, 21:57
Hi all, now that my Auster is back together again after her Annual I'm hoping to arrive in her (G-AHAM) around 12:00.

I'll be the chubby 6 footer with a denim jacket and a beige baseball cap wandering around looking lost and whispering to people " do you pprune?" :D :D

PS There is a Pprune badge on the jacket along with an Auster badge and a strange Russian AF badge!

20th Feb 2004, 16:23
Great to hear that the surfaces are OK - a far cry from this time last year!

I hope to fly in in the Hairyplane (G-HAIR). However, the Magister and Falcon will remain in the hangar on ground risks until April 1st.

MoTF & DamienB - I need a selection of cockpit shots of the Maggie to send to an ex-Maggie driver in the States.

He is planning to do a lecture on flight controls and wants to use the photos for his Powerpoint presentation.

Would either of you be able to do that? I'd bring my own camera but I cant seem to find flash bulbs on sale anywhere these days......


20th Feb 2004, 16:32
Hi Hairyplane!

I've got some nice cockpit shots of your machine and S'worth's Maggie, be delighted to supply if you wish. It looks like I may not be able to make it on Sat, but if I can...
James K

20th Feb 2004, 18:44
Sorry I won,t be able to make it guys have a great day/evening!!:ok:

20th Feb 2004, 18:46

The chap has already been in touch with me about it. I will be happy to oblige.


21st Feb 2004, 04:25
Sorry you won't be there Stampe; perhaps later in the year...

Look forward to meeting up with all you fellow Nostalgia sufferers tomorrow!



21st Feb 2004, 14:24
Here's the current TAF for Luton:

EGGW 210613Z 210716 06012KT 7000 FEW025 PROB30 TEMPO 0710 4000 BECMG 1013 9999 TEMPO 1206 05016G26KT

A bit of a helping wind on 03 from what the weather-guessers are suggesting?

21st Feb 2004, 14:45
Well, I've just popped out to get a paper - and subsequently shoved an extra sweater in my bag!

See you all shortly...

21st Feb 2004, 16:00
When I phoned OW yesterday they said phone the tower this morning after 0930, as the field had been u/s due to rain. Here's hoping it gets the green light.

21st Feb 2004, 16:58
Called @ 0935 - field serviceable but viz only 2000 metres.

The forecast is for all the nines but with strong gusts from the North East.

A good chance that we'l see some flying visitors, including me.

B there or B square.

Tower is manned at the moment - 01767 627563.


21st Feb 2004, 17:37
See y'all there around 12:00 ish

21st Feb 2004, 23:47
The Hairyplane is now safely tucked away in the hangar @ Shotteswell after an 'on the limits' blustery 90 degree crosswind landing.

What a great machine the Regent is. No drama whatsoever. Despite a 'max demonstrated' crosswind 'limit' I reckon it would handle 30+ (but not with me driving!)

Good to put faces to handles at Old Warden on what turned out to be a barkin' freezing day and less than perfect flying conditions.

Whoever organised it (?) - maybe you could organise another at OW in the season. I will be happy to draw a few names out of the hat and do a few jollies for you in the Maggie and Falcon.

Sorry to pull the 'wheres my wallet trick' on you MotF - the missus had raided it for my debit card and forgot to put it back where she 'lifted it' from.... IOU a beer or three (or, you never know, your name might just amazingly appear out of the hat. What a lucky bloke you stand a very good chance of being...!)


(max demonstrated: 22kts)

22nd Feb 2004, 00:26
As Hairy said it was nice to put faces to Pprune names and meet a few I haven't seen for a while. CamelPilot turned up with a stock of Pprune goodies which he did a good hard sell on. The sweatshirt fits nicely thanks :ok: :ok:

I whizzed back to Rush Green International where the wind was straight down the Northerly runway.

Nice day all around, shame I couldn't get a pass for the evening's drinks/food/natter :rolleyes:

22nd Feb 2004, 00:45
It was very cold but nice to put faces to usernames. Thanks to Treadigraph for organising it. Thanks to Hairyplane and LowNSlow for letting us have a closer look at their planes.

Perhaps another get together on a nice warm summers day! (suggestion from a very cold Mrs DeepC)


vintage ATCO
22nd Feb 2004, 02:00
Good to see everyone today, sorry I couldn't stay into the evening.

Are we on for a picnic during/after one of the display days this year? I think an evening display was suggested but we can't get out of the tower until the last visitor has gone! Might be dark then!!

Display dates are on the Shuttleworth site.


22nd Feb 2004, 03:58
Entirely agree! It was very good indeed to meet.......let's see........VintageAtco, Hairyplane, Tempsford, DeepC and Mrs DC, LowNSlow, Skua and Tina, MonTF, Gyp and Treadders with whom I shared an enjoyable trip to Old Warden. Last but not least, for the one of the best welcomes I have had anywhere - Airbedane. A true gentleman who took time and trouble to show some of us around some of the collection specials. Thank you very much indeed sir it really was much appreciated.

Also nice to meet Grandad Biggles. Places like the Shuttleworth cannot do without people who keep it running. Especially the little but very efficient airfield restaurant. Probably the best bacon roll I have had in a long time. Trouble is I had to have two!

Shame the wx was so cold but the warmth of the occasion made up for it.

I will see to it that more people on PPRuNe know about the Shuttleworth and it's worth as one of most alive collections in the world. It takes dedication and talented people to to keep Old Warden going and from what I have seen it has that in great abundance. Long may it continue.

I feel a big PPRuNe bash in the summer coming on!

Thanks again.


22nd Feb 2004, 04:22
I have to agree with everything said so far. A cracking day out, and excellent cup of Atco tea and good company, what more could anyone want.

Sorry I had to leave the stragglers in the pub, I hope the evening end well.

Now on to business.

Airbedane and CamelPilot discuss the finer points of old things

Thanks for the trip around the restoration hanger Airbedane

VintageATCO ventures outside to go flying

The VA flying machine

Skua and Tina arrive

Followed shortly by LowNSlow


Last but by no means least Hairyplane

Meanwhile the troops gather for a health food lunch

HP very kindly showed us around his fleet, firstly DeepC dreams of Maggie flight

LowNSlow ponders the Falcons unusual front screen

Good to meet you all, I'm up for a summer picnic

The Instrument panel pictures have gone, I may just take you up on your kind offer

Dont forget the Spitfire photo, dont let me leave you without buying a cap next time

Send me and email and I will send by return

Cheers for organising things.

22nd Feb 2004, 05:21
Fellow Nostalgics
Just to reiterate what has already been said. it was good to meet such a pleasant group of like minded people. It was my first opportunity to meet you all and I look forward to future events.
Camel. don't forget to give me a call ref your grandsons visit to LTN.
Thanks very much to those involed involved in the organisation of a very enjoyable event and to those who flew or drove there for your company.
oh, and yes, Camel flogged me a hat as well.

Roll on the summer.



22nd Feb 2004, 05:55
Unfortunately work precluded me attending today - I had been hoping to as late as last night but a few things came up this morning and I've been stuck staring at a monitor most of the day. Mind you at least I was warm ;)

22nd Feb 2004, 08:36
To quote Mr Rotten "Ever feel you've been cheated?"

I had to go do other things (Aviation books) so, like mr DB I was inside & warm, but it seems everyone had as good a day as I suspected was on!

You won't catch me missing the next. A pre / post show or eve show do gets my vote, and I'll be there - hey, I'll even buy a cap!

Thanks for the Pics MoTF - confirms my suspicion of people having a good time... Rats, rats rats.

Dates please!

James K of chagrin...

22nd Feb 2004, 18:52
What a nice day it was, yesterday. And today, I've just left Skua, Tina and Treadders at breakfast having heard a facinating tale of Skua's experiences in an air race to Australia - priceless, and it's what it's all about!

Thanks for the kind words, CP, it was good to meet you as well as the others.

Treadders; I know you don't feel as if you've done much in the way of organising, but thanks are due anyway - after all, you did start it off, and you did make the badges!

HP, (and others who came and went while I was away), sorry I missed you, but I had to go to work. I did manage the start and end of the proceedings, though.

Thanks again Treaders,

22nd Feb 2004, 23:39
Thanks to everybody who came - a fascinating, delightful but COLD day - definitely warmer weather next time! Great pictures MotF, particuarly the fantastic shot of Airbedane and CamelPilot.

It was great to meet you all - thanks CamelPilot for driving me up (and selling me another sweatshirt to replace the one damaged in a n incident concerning wet tramlines and a bicycle!) and MoTF, Margo and LadyAnorak and partners for doing a bit of ferrying between pubs/Tandooris! We definitely need to book a table next time! And to Airbedane for an excellent look at the restoration shop and for bringing his laptop down to breakfast so we could do a quick bit of PPRuNeing!


Treadders ;)

PS Skua, you passed over my head at Biggleswade - should have had the presence of mind to take a snap of your departure - glad you got out OK, from the road the runway looks very short!

23rd Feb 2004, 16:36
Great to meet some other 'pruners', missed some as I arrived after lunch and then sat in the tower where it was warm!!!!
No problems with helping out with taxying etc thats what we are like at Shuttleworth, we want people to have a great time and to come back again.
Look forward to a warmer summer bash at one of the airshows.
Take care

23rd Feb 2004, 17:31
Now that my fingers have thawed out....

Thanks to Treadders for setting up the weekend. Wonderful to meet such a bunch of fellow nostalgic nutters in such glorious, if Arctic, surroundings. Managed to view the other 2 hangars we missed on Saturday, and a 30 kt headwind helped get the lump off 03. Wild mushrooms pushing up through the morning dew, only crows in the air - Old Warden in its tranquil guise. Marvellous.

Look foward to meeting up again at a Summer event.


24th Feb 2004, 01:12
Gutted to have missed it, but delighted to hear everyone had a great time.

Original plan was to do an hours dual at Cambridge in the morning then drive over for the afternoon, but visibility (or lack of it) at EGSC followed by a minor drama at home kind of put the mockers on it. :(

Still, the nights are drawing out again, it'll soon be summer, and time for the next one...... :cool: