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Skyhawk XP
18th Dec 2003, 17:05
The decision by Jetstar to power their A320's with the IAE V2500 is an interesting one. It adds another engine type to the QF stable.

It also suggests the A320 engines will be overhauled in New Zealand.

Lindsay Fox of the Tesna Group surprised Trevor Jenson when he told him the CFM engine on the A320 was no good and Tesna would operate V2500 powered A320's. Trevor replied the CFM engine was much cheaper in the long run. I guess Jetstar has little interest in the opinion of Trevor Jenson and settled on what they see as the best overall option.

Buster Hyman
18th Dec 2003, 17:56
And Lindsay Fox would know a thing or two about jet engines!:rolleyes:

Going Boeing
19th Dec 2003, 06:26
Lindsay Fox and Trevor Jensen's opinions on engine suitability is not worth bringing up on this forum - I don't trust anything that they say.

Talked to some Air NZ A320 pilots recently and they were very happy with the engine but as they hadn't flown the CFM powered aircraft, they couldn't give a comparison. They believed that the thrust reversers on the V2500 were more effective than the CFM's. Maintenance costs and fuel consumption comparisons would be interesting if any LAME's have the data. GB

19th Dec 2003, 18:50
Would be interested in a comparison too.

As a FA I really want to know if the V2500 engines give off that chainsaw sound like the CFMs do. I find it REALLY annoying! (Why is it the noise only lasts for a few mins? Pressurisation?)

Buster Hyman
20th Dec 2003, 05:44
Err...because it's at max power for takeoff.

20th Dec 2003, 16:47
Although l couldn't give a toss about Fox'nLew, Skyhawk has a point.

It is quoted in the book "Ansett the collapse".

"Exasperated, Jensen even went to the extent of sending Fox some specialist magazine features comparing the two (engines) but said Fox ignored him. Jensen said that Fox told the GE representative in Australia, Jack Lutze, that his engines were no good. This staggerred Jensen:

Fox may know something about trucks but he knows ******-all about running an airline. The facts are that, while IAE engines perform well in our environment, their cost of operation is terrible. Fox just did not seem to appreciate nor want to know about significant cost factors. There was just no argument as to the better engine but that was never a consideration."

l won't go on as it gives me the shits just reading it...

Makes you wonder who really does know how to operate an airline, and my money isn't Trevor Jetson!!

Qantas have done their home work, which l dare say would include shredding any advice from Trevor.

20th Dec 2003, 19:45
Isn't Air NZ doing all the maintenance for JetStar? If so, wouldn't using the same engines as Air NZ uses make the maintenance bill slightly cheaper?

And, ditzyboy, all turbofan engines will make that noise. If I'm not mistaken, it has something to do with the sound made as a fan blade passes the pylons that hold it to the engine nacelle. It's a whoosh sound, but sounds like a chainsaw due to the number of fan blades and the speed at which they rotate. You'll probably find that you can't hear it as much, if at all, at the back of the aircraft.

Oz Mate!

Willie Nelson
21st Dec 2003, 08:12
Like it or not isn't TJ back in the fold now, if so they probably will not shred his findings altogether, from what I remember I do believe that he did in fact have limited experience on the type also. Be interesting to know what he is up to now.