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18th Dec 2003, 11:34
Media Release
Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901
Further information and media releases can be found at the Qantas internet website: www.qantas.com.au
SYDNEY, 18 December 2003: QantasLink today announced it had ordered six turboprop
Dash 8 aircraft for delivery in the first half of 2004, an investment of more than $A100
Executive General Manager Regional Airlines, Narendra Kumar, said the new 50-seater
Q300 Dash 8s would replace older model 36-seat Dash 8 aircraft currently operated by
QantasLink for its services to regional Australia.
He said Qantas had also taken options on two additional Dash 8 Q300s.
“This is the largest-ever single investment Qantas has made in the regional turboprop
fleet,” Mr Kumar said.
“We are committed to continuing our investment in QantasLink to ensure we have the best
aircraft to meet the needs of regional Australia.
“The new aircraft will operate in New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, Victoria and
Tasmania. They will enable us to make more seats available at peak times on key routes
– for example between Sydney and Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Albury,
on Melbourne-Canberra and Melbourne-Devonport services, and between Cairns and
Townsville, and Cairns-Hamilton Island.
“The Dash 8 is a key part of the Qantas regional fleet, offering our customers improved
reliability and comfort, including a quieter cabin, with an additional flight attendant on board
the 50-seater aircraft enhancing the inflight service,” he said.
Mr Kumar said QantasLink offered more then 2,500 flights each week, serving 54
destinations throughout Australia and employing more than 1,600 people.
Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (Q3006)
Media Enquiries: Michael Sharp - Telephone 02 9691 3469

18th Dec 2003, 16:48
Looks like the information I recieved back in November was spot on. This is what I posted on the 15th of November.

Apparently they plan to replace 8 of the older Dash 8-100's with 6 newer Dash 8-300's.

Artificial Horizon
19th Dec 2003, 02:10
This has been on the cards for a little while. I was in Toronto around 4 weeks ago and was lucky enough to have a tour around the dash 8 factory. At least 2 of the aircraft shells had 'for qantas' on the schedule outline'.

Any thoughts on qantas getting Q400's in the future?

Pimp Daddy
19th Dec 2003, 03:52
The 8 for 6 proposal has been around for about a year - just been trying to get it approved.

Have heard several ideas about the split of the aircraft. Most likely one is Sunnies 3 for 2 and Eastern 5 for 4.

On the 400 front, the whispers say Bombardier are gagging to sell Qantas 400s. Whether or not they buy them who knows but there has to be something done soon as there is a very large gap in aircraft size developing, especially on the east coast.

Within a couple of years with the entrance of Jetstar's 177 seat A320s and the demise of the 717s coupled with the planned domestic fleet of 738 + 763 you would end up with aircraft sizes that go from 50 seat D8-300 and the next will be 158 seat 738. 734 will be in the mix for a bit longer but they are still 130 seatish.

Means that the new regional jet or soemthing like a D8-400 must be on the radar somewhere.

19th Dec 2003, 07:05
gos i heard was 12 or 14 -400's to replace 146 ops............

you saw it here first ! :hmm:

19th Dec 2003, 07:58
What type of legs do the DH4s have. And I've heard they're quick but compared to 146s?

19th Dec 2003, 14:57
apacau heres some info for you :


Maximum range
(70 pax @ 200 lb) 1,362NM 2,522 KM


Maximum cruise speed 360 kts, 667 km/h

Maximum takeoff weight 29,257 kg
Maximum landing weight 28,009 kg
Maximum zero fuel weight 25,855 kg
Operating weight empty 17,108 kg
Maximum payload 8,747 kg

Cheers! :ok: