View Full Version : Audio Galaxy I need setup help please

21st May 2001, 15:45

I just downloaded audio galaxy, and keep getting time out errors, I tried everything they said on the web site. If anyone can help it would be appreciated

Cheers :)

ickle black box
21st May 2001, 16:01
Try re-posting this question in the Computers/Internet Forum

Tartan Gannet
22nd May 2001, 10:44
Try a delete and reload. I have to say it has worked perfectly for me and I have downloaded shiploads of golden oldies from the 1960s and 70s.

Give it another try. BTW if you use Win 95 you may need to Download an updated version of Winsock from MS website as I think there is a DLL you may need to get Audiogalaxy to run in that elderly O/S. Better still upgrade to a newer version of Windows or use Linux as there is an Audiogalaxy version for that O/s too. Good luck, Im off to Audiogalaxy now.