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17th Dec 2003, 22:50
I've been out of the Australian aviation scene for a while and i'd appreciate any leads to who's hiring in Australia.
I'll be coming back in march, i'll have aprox 5300TT, 1300 turbine PIC, 1800 turbine SIC, saab340 type, plenty of instrument time, and multi piston time. By march i'll have the australian ATPL.
any leads appreciated.

18th Dec 2003, 05:09
With a 340 endorsement and that amount of time, take a look at REX. I have no contacts in there though sorry

Ang ;)

18th Dec 2003, 05:17
Generally the employment scene is improving. I've had a couple of interviews with jet operators in the region (but not Australia) in the last couple of months but be prepared to pay for your endorcement.

With 340 time Rex and ****** are the go. Rex is putting on some displaced Horizon pilots in Sydney and ****** always have people transiting through.

Good luck. Generally Aussies on the PPRUNE don't seam to help out to much with job finding advise.


WOW - Look at that- I've been automatically censored. I always knew that bunch liked to go under the radar.

Beer Can Dreaming
19th Dec 2003, 03:55
Rex may be OK but why restrict your future to a company that strictly operates turboprops?

Why not apply directly to Qantas who will be recruiting again next year and if you can stomach forking out for a 737 endorsement why not give VB a go?