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Big Red ' L '
20th May 2001, 23:03
Well they are arn't they. 3 cups and a crack at the champions league. Also thrashing Ev***on and M** U** twice makes it an ever better feeling inside......
Team of the year.....Liverpool
Manager of the year..Gerard Houlier
(Ipswich a close 2nd.....)

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

20th May 2001, 23:09
Nearly right!

Liverpool (bearing in mind their resources) are a deserved second to Ipswich and to George Burley. Fabulous result, nice clean football, and a superb disciplinary record.

Come on you Blues!

(But all credit to the Scousers)

20th May 2001, 23:21
Team of the year - Liverpool
Manager of the year - Gerard Houllier

But a big thumbs up to Ipswich, bearing in mind that most people (myself included) expected them to go straight back down they've been great too...

21st May 2001, 00:28
Team of the season has got to be my beloved Saints. Just has to be :)

Ipswich have to come second, though.

Manager of the season ...um... Gordon Strachan, just for stopping all those "If the titanic was sky blue she wouldn't have gone down" comments ;)

The future's bright - the future's red and white..... :) :) :)

21st May 2001, 01:44
Well, we like our Nandralon over here.
I don't care what you all say.
It's good stuff.

Luke SkyToddler
21st May 2001, 04:28
I'm not a football aficionado, but I had it explained to me in great detail in the pub by my Man United supporting friend the other day, apparently the UEFA cup is only for people who couldn't get into the Champions league? And I have also been told, that the Worthington cup is for teams who otherwise couldn't score in a brothel with a gold mastercard stapled to their choppers ... but I'm sure that's just sour grapes :)

Big Red ' L '
21st May 2001, 17:36
Sour grapes indeed from your friend in Surrey............ :)

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

21st May 2001, 18:49
Lets not forget the ascendancy of the mighty

Never mind the Alaves game, two goals in the
88th and 90th minute and now a place in Division 1 beckoning was quite enough for me
on Wednesday.

I can see the Butler/ Cureton strikeforce being a major force in Europe in the coming years.

Houllier you'd better watch your back!

Up the Royals on Sunday


aah what mid-table mediocrity can do for the soul!

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Biggles Flies Undone
21st May 2001, 19:07
You guys don't live in the real world!

Positive got it into perspective - for every team hitting the high spots there are a hundred just hanging in there.

I cling to this silly old belief that you support your local team (hear that all you Surrey ManU supporters?). I was born a mile from Selhurst Park, so I've always supported Crystal Palace. They have been up and down the divisions like a yo-yo but I have some fantastic memories of my time watching them play (that's as in going to the ground and watching the match, not cheering for a Northern team while watching it on a big screen in a London pub like a lot of my colleagues do....).

So..... well done Liverpool. We gave you a run for your money in the cup, but class showed in the replay. One day we will beat you as equals. As for ManU.... to coin a phrase from Monty Python - 'I fart in your general direction'.

22nd May 2001, 00:19
Luke Skytoddler,
Your Man Utd friend needs reminding that the UEFA qualification was last season. This season Man Utd lost to Liverpool both times in the Premiership and of course will now play against Liverpool for the Charity Shield. Its who`s best now that counts.

22nd May 2001, 00:24
Luke Skytoddler,
Your Man Utd friend needs reminding that the UEFA qualification was last season. This season Man Utd lost to Liverpool both times in the Premiership and of course will now play against Liverpool for the Charity Shield. Its who`s best now that counts.

22nd May 2001, 01:58

I think that the last time Palace played in Europe they were wearing khaki......

22nd May 2001, 11:51
When I was a kid in the pool my family used to take me to the trophy room every year. When Daglish, Kennedy, Hanson, Money and even Souness were heros of the city, and players of the greatest team on earth. I belive that United still cant touch our trophy room. (Souness the man to bring the team to its knees).


Big Red ' L '
22nd May 2001, 13:25
Just heard George Burley got manager of the season......
Well done George......

(B*&^%$D....) :)

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

22nd May 2001, 14:58
Yes, well done to Burley. But Houllier is already whining about not winning it, claiming that he didn't get it because he was French.
Cobblers, sir. When you look at what Burley achieved over the season with the very limited resources available to him, his was the more impressive achievement IMHO.
Houllier's was second.

BFU -- knew you were a top man! I followed the Eagles all over the country in the mid 70s and through to the 80s. Seen 'em at over 80 league grounds which illustrates the topsy-turvy nature of the club.
Well done Doogie!!

Captain Cessna
22nd May 2001, 15:01
Nice 1 positive rate!!

Were u there on Wed? twas am-az-ing :)

There's only one Nicky Forster!!!!

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd May 2001, 15:18
Angels - at last a kindred spirit! I'm sure that you and I must have been on the same coach more than once!

One of the highlights of the last five years for me (apart from getting my life sorted out, that is) was a sunny Monday in May at Wembley. Nice to see Dougie following David Hopkins' feat of a last gasp life saver!

How boring it must be to follow a club with more money than common sense, where spectators always expect greater things year by year. There's never a dull season with Palace :)

22nd May 2001, 16:15
Maybe just maybe, when LiverFool get somewhere in the champions league we can talk about so called achievements, as usual the scousers are shouting from the roof tops after getting bit of silverware, two very lucky results & a worthington cup that no respectable premiership team would want says it all. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif

Brian Clough
22nd May 2001, 18:35
Doogie is pantz I'm afraid and as for Scum Utd. I'd like to see Ferguson try to win back to back top European prizes a la 'Me'. And I did it on a shoestring, and I used to fine my players for arguing with the ref........blah, blah.....1980.....terribly terribly drunk.........

Big Red ' L '
23rd May 2001, 02:35
batemanisbad4u If you want to talk about achievements, just look at Liverpools past record...Pretty impressive by anyones standards. M** U*D will never even come close to equaling that. 4 European cups for a start.....shall i go on..? You mention ' Lucky results' too, When did M U score in the euro cup they won last...? I think Lucky is an overstatement there. Played off the park by bayern then 2 in the 94th min... Not suprising that though as they had 11 men in the bayern box, i.e. schmeicel trying to cause havoc in there. They even have Bartez doing it now, real desperation tactics, its just awful to see a team that desperate to send the keeper up in the box. Its a real emmbarrasment, it really is...Don't have a go at another team for doing something yours done.(i.e. lucky results...) Also, i think any teams supporters would be shouting from the rooftops if their team had just made football history by winning 3 cups in the same season. Typical M** U** supporter, open mouth first then engage brain.....People in glass houses......

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

23rd May 2001, 12:04
Big Red L, if you had brains you would be dangerous!!! for what it's worth I do not support M. Utd, why don't you try reading between the lines...........I blame the parents you know :)

23rd May 2001, 17:52
I'd always been told that the main purpose to Liverpool FC's existence was to prove that there are at least 11 Scousers capable of holding a job down... :)

Breeding Per Dementia Unto Something Jolly Big, Toodle-pip

23rd May 2001, 18:42
It was hugmonster....but as you know they couldn't find eleven so had to bring in all those foreign guys :) :)

24th May 2001, 03:25
Err, calm down, calm down

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