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20th May 2001, 15:38
Heard in an airport restaurant.
Pilot 1, no no I only owe $27 because you had coffee and I had Tea, Tea is $1 cheaper. Pilot 2, yes yes Neddy but you had an extra dollop of cream on your apple pie that was an extra 25 cents.
Perfect maths when it effects the pocket.
5 hours later Engineer tries to work out how a 4 hour return flight can consume 56.32 hours and 45 cycles.

ickle black box
21st May 2001, 01:43
And I recently met one of those pilots!

ickle ;)

21st May 2001, 06:20
Overheard in a (mixed services) Sergeants' Mess, where the price of a 3-course dinner to our mob was 1.20:-

"How much is it for me, because I didn't have a starter?"

That man is now flying for a certain Irish mob - I hope he and O'Leary get on well together!

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