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17th Dec 2003, 17:15
A well respected member of the aviation community swears that this is true.

A newly qualified flight attendant with an airline known to recruit young, blondish things was on her first overnight. She failed to show for the early morning muster in the hotel lobby.

A concerned crew-mate called her room to see what the story was and she answered the phone in a teary voice.

When asked what the matter was she sobbed that she could not get out of her room.

What do you mean you can't get out of your room?

Well there are only three doors. One goes into the bathroom, one into the wardrobe and the other has a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the doorknob !!! :{

:D :D

17th Dec 2003, 21:25
Thats funny Qduck, hard to believe its true.
Sounds similar to the one I heard about the check out girl who was trying to scan one of those dividers that you separate your groceries with at the super market. Very funny if true

17th Dec 2003, 23:05
BWAHAHAHAHA - I like a laugh!!:=

18th Dec 2003, 07:38
A true story.
On one of my around Aus. tours the Tour Leader went to one of our pax. rooms (LOL) in Darwin to see if she was coping, only to find her making her bed.
On enquiring why, the LOL said the sign on the door said "Please make up room now"