View Full Version : Happy 100th Birthday Aviation

17th Dec 2003, 07:17
Well its just after eleven o'clock and no one else is gonna do it so here goes.

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aviation, happy birthday to you ........... hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, for Aviation is a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow(sorry girls;) ), for he's a jolly good fellow and so say all of us (well most of us anyway)".

To our regular visitors from The United States of America, Druglord, Chriss Higgins, mjbow2 and others let us know how the celebrations go :) .

Safe flying, hoss:D

17th Dec 2003, 07:47
Aviation is much older than 100.

Happy Birthday "Controlled Powered Flight"

:E :p

Transition Layer
17th Dec 2003, 09:59
Good to see the Sydney Morning Herald today devote a 4 page lift-out to the Centenary of Flight. Excellent to see some positive aviation related news!


The PM
17th Dec 2003, 13:55
Did it get a message from the Queen ??

Transition Layer
17th Dec 2003, 17:39
A nice little touch from Google as well....



18th Dec 2003, 05:11
Thanks hoss, I celebrated like most pilots...ate 2 minute noodles and drank emu export, (water added to it of course) ...best of the holiday season to you hoss

19th Dec 2003, 10:17
Great stuff druglord:ok: , all you needed to top it off would have been for someone to come up to you and ask for 'a dollar' or 'a smoke'. Hope your new job is going well and a Merry Christmas to you, mate:) .