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20th May 2001, 04:32
Here's one for you adventurous types: The Bucking Bronco position -
Get wife/girlfriend/hostie/whatever into doggie position. Ram home the mutton truncheon, take a firm hold of the the tits, then whisper in her ear: "This is how I ****ed your sister last week". Then see how long you can hang on!!

Feeton Terrafirma
20th May 2001, 06:41
Hey you forgot the imporant phrase at the end:

"and she was better"


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20th May 2001, 07:52
Don't forget to duck if she runs under the dinner table. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Feeton Terrafirma
20th May 2001, 08:08
I forgot to mention that this is called the "rodeo" position ;)

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)

20th May 2001, 12:50
Said phrase can also be replaced with the offhand comment...

"You sister likes it this way too..."

Just hold on!

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20th May 2001, 15:03
And if she doesn't have a sister, substitute with daughter. :)
(or if ya have to, name of best friend).

25th May 2001, 15:12
Or shout out another girls name when you are approaching your "vinegar stroke" and then see how how long you can stay on for!

The Fokker's chocka ocker
25th May 2001, 19:03
So is staying mounted for 8 seconds, as in rodeo, to be the benchmark?
Points should also be awarded on the ride.

solly ocker she's chocka

25th May 2001, 20:33
Remember - you can only hold on with one hand.

25th May 2001, 22:13
There's an amazing site about dirty proverbs and out-of-this-world sexual practices. It will appear soon on www.dirtyproverbs.net (http://www.dirtyproverbs.net)
The webmaster is currently changing servers, so be patient for a little while...

Few examples:

the 1-800
When a girl gets so jizzed up she has to call a psychic hotline to figure out if the relationship is gonna be worth it.

access denied error
When you and yor pal are double-teaming a chick, he's got her from behind, you've got her mouth. Selfishly, he drops his load in her, thus preventing you from using that input later (a.k.a. Blocking the Box, Road Closed Due to Bad Conditions).

The ambassador
While screwin some foreign bag with no useful English knowledge (works well with most East Europeans), lean over and whisper in her ear in the most seductive and romantic way possible: "You've got the stinkiest **** ever!" and see if she notices. This one comes from personal experience, and worked very well actually. The bitch actually started getting more into it...

the electric chair
Your psychobitch girlfriend decides she wants to try something kinky, so she props your stupid naive ass up in a chair, strips you down, and ties you up. After arousing you, she then takes a car battery and clamps two jumper cables to each nut sack. This causes you to have all sorts of synapses, spasms, and convulsions. She then mounts your frankenstein and proceeds to get electro****ed. Warning! May cause erectile disfunction after performed.

Told you... Amazing...

Dr. Freud
25th May 2001, 22:23
Have any of you tried it with your boyfriends? I know they've got no tits, but the principle is the same. Try replacing sister with mother.