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16th Dec 2003, 12:50
Dow Jones
Tuesday December 16, 1:45 PM AEDT

HK Cathay Pacific Looking Into Low-Cost Carrier Option

HONG KONG (Dow Jones)--Hong Kong's biggest airline Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. said Tuesday it is looking into setting up a low-cost carrier, in response to plans by its competitors in Asia to launch budget airlines.

"Setting up a separate carrier is one of a wide range of options we're looking at," Corporate Development Director Tony Tyler said, noting that these were moves aimed at responding to "what is going on in the market."

"(But) it's only one option, I would emphasize," he added.

Last week, Cathay rival Singapore Airlines Ltd. said it plans to launch a low-cost carrier called Tiger Airways in mid-2004, in response to moves by others in the region to go the discount route.


Buster Hyman
16th Dec 2003, 20:26
It'll be called Air China !:eek:

Willie Nelson
16th Dec 2003, 20:42
I can just see the "Z" scale EBA now.................:uhoh:

Chocks Away
29th Dec 2003, 16:25
...just load 'em onto the ASL flights...:ok:

29th Dec 2003, 21:17
As I posted under F.H. DT told us at the last business briefing (somewhere around May?) that CX is DEFINITELY NOT LOOKING AT A LCC. He gave various reasons why.........again they have trouble collating their stories:ooh:

Question: Who makes the major decisions at CX?

A: The CEO of SIA.......hahaha

The Messiah
30th Dec 2003, 16:10
To keep this in context, Tyler was questioned specifically about a LCC and did not raise the topic himself.

If they were not evaluating the option they would be very stupid, but as he said 'it is only one option', and a very unlikely one at that.

30th Dec 2003, 22:43
CX has realised that in matters La Dickensian management, it still has much to learn from its cross town rivals in the Lion State.

Leaked papers from the Star Chamber reveal a One World joint venture solution is taking shape.

An early copy of tomorrow's nostril clearing press release, has, like a patronizing escape of steam, found it's way into my possesion.....

Tiger Balm Airways

Tiger Balm Airways owes its origins to a soothing, balmy business model prepared for Little Emperors who have long suffered from various aches and pains in their flight ops departments.

American and Irish corporate doctors and financiers used it on their pilots as an analgesic rub blended from natural instincts.

The fact that the formulation, to be known as Tiger Balm Airways in Asia, will thrive in a more enlightened age is due to one man.

This man is a famous Irish herbalist from Tipperary. His desire was to treat his pilots the only way he knew. He had studied the types of effective remedies and discovered that the blending of various active ingredients - such as long hours, low salary, with clove and menthol applied to their private parts- really brought balance sheet relief.

Tiger Balm Airways formulation will be highly effective as a mild laxative for aircrew, for countering irritation at board room level, and for promoting good cash flow and a better return on equity.

The entrepreneurial side in Asia fell to his two disciples Aw Tek Dat and Aw Mee Too. It is the Irish herbalist who lends his name , meaning Tiger, and cash, to the remedy.

As well as being an anglicised version of his name, the Tiger, synonymous in the East with strength and carnivorous vitality, seemed the obvious association for such a pilot-pain reliever.

Aw Tek Dat and Aw Mee Too realised the potential of their mentor's product and will soon transform his home-produced remedy into a world renowned brand.

Tiger Balm Airways will be set up in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2004 and will soon be one of the world's leading aircrew analgesics; with a soothing action that relieves pilots of wondering what to do about the pain caused by a reasonable income and lifestyle.

Tiger Balm Airways will initially come in two versions, Tiger Balm White, to be based in HK and Tiger Balm Red, to be based in Singapore.

Within two years the two versions will be blended into a single product which should be more Red than White

For further details, please contact:

Aw Shuk Szu
General Manager
PR Department
Tiger Balm Airways
Tiger Balm Gardens