View Full Version : Mystery Airliner Quiz - Dec 15

16th Dec 2003, 05:47
The Flight International year-end photo quizes are too hard for me. This airliner is about my level of difficulty. I got out my buckets of paint and hid the registration and logo. I learnt my lesson last time with Google being the winner.

Double credit for IDing the little one as well.



16th Dec 2003, 05:50
Looks like a NAMC YS-11 - cannot guess yet at the location!

16th Dec 2003, 05:59
Second Riley on the NAMC YS-11 - a Cherrytree in the foreground, with what almost looks like a stylised UK flag on the fin... I know a YS-11 was burned out by a firework at Southend a year or two back, but it doesn't quite look like Southend... F-27 or and FH-227 peeking out coyly behind...

Mind you, those traffic cones could have been nicked from the Southend Arterial...!

16th Dec 2003, 06:04
Concur YS-11, funny looking thing. Looks as if some misguided designer was looking for ways to put EVEN MORE metal onto a 748...

Behind is a Fokker FK27. Foreground Piper Cherokee. On the left, Beech Bonanza???

16th Dec 2003, 06:45
Mr. Two,

What did you search for in Google? I didn't think I left any trails of crumbs....

Defeated again in almost no time.


16th Dec 2003, 15:59
Looks like a Piper Arrow with a 3-blader on the left, its not a Bonanza!