View Full Version : Building A Sea-Glider

9th Sep 2001, 22:26
There's a competition on at our local sailing club to build something to be towed behind a speedboat. The only rule is that 2 people have to be carried on board.

Obviously I want to build something that can fly - only thing is It's less than 2 weeks away !!

So - I need help quick !! Can anyone give any ideas on the design of it ?

Squawk 8888
10th Sep 2001, 02:32
Try an A330 :D

10th Sep 2001, 12:20
Sounds like fun KYGMSY try following this link www.eaa.org (http://www.eaa.org) and look aroung for a "gyro kite" or you could go with the soft option - since you've only got two weeks try yur local drop zone for a parachute and tandem harness.