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15th Dec 2003, 01:53
OK first of all im new to this site so would like to introduce myself

Age 26
Currently doing my PPL (30hrs so far)
Aiming for fATPL and hopefully a job with the airlines.

I am currently working in a dull desk job to fund my pilot training, however i have a dream of one day selling my house (which i have made quite a bit of money on) and all my worldly possesions and moving to Florida for a year with my girlfriend. I would have enough to fund my training and instructors rating and then spend the rest of the year or maybe longer instructing. My girlfriend could find a job over there doing office work or bar work etc.

Is this actually possible with regards to visas etc or should i forget it and get real


15th Dec 2003, 04:34
Do you have any idea of the amount of work you'll have to do in order to get your ATPL?

In case you did I do apologize but if not I'll fill you in.

You need to complete 14 subjects in ATPL of which 5 are extremely easy.

Comms VFR, Comms IFR, Air law, OPS, Airframes, Flight planning

Those six are done as distance learning at my flight school.

These here> General Nav, Radio nav (absolute mania that one), Mass & Balance,
Performance (basic understanding of Principles of flight required to succeed here),
Principles of flight, Human performance and limitations, weather (omg I've never hated anything so much)

Other factor worthy of consideration, how long have you been out of school. The older you are the more difficult it is to learn things. At age 26 I believe you shouldn't have any problems there.

Most schools will make you work extremely hard because they would like you to sit 6 exams and then 8. That's what I believe is something we call a two sitting method (very common). I myself though am going for the three sitting method, I did 4 exams a few months ago, now I'm planning on doing 5-6 and in my third sitting I'll do 5-6.

Have you got a first class medical? If not I suggest you get one before making anymore plans.

Best of luck to you.

Best of luck to you.:cool: :ok:

15th Dec 2003, 11:56
Unless she is American, or has a green card, I'm not sure your girlfriend will be able to stay in the country longer than 6 months at any one time, let alone be able to work legally. If she's caught working illegally....I guess she can wave goodbye to ever getting back in the country again. Either you need to be married or have legal documentation to prove that you can, and will financially support her. There's worse things for her to do than be a beachbum in Florida for a year, but if she's accustomed to working and earning her own income, believe me (I am speaking from experience), its no fun being unemployed and unemployable, and I would not recommend it in a million years :(

Plus, if you are taking the flight training seriously, and working hard to get through it all, she will be left with no one to play with. Check out www.ins.gov for the laws on non-immigrant visitors to the US

Good luck with the flight training, its absorbing and fun to do :)

15th Dec 2003, 17:20

First of all, everything 1in60 says is true... but will apply whether you train in the UK or the US, so I'd guess it's not totally relevant to your question. Even so, read what he says, and make sure you understand it before you go much further.....

As far as Visas are concerned, all the information is on the US Embassy website (http://www.usembassy.org.uk/). To study, you will need an M-1 Visa. Your girlfriend can stay with you on an M-2 Visa. But neither of you may work on these Visas. If you want to work as an instructor, your school will probably be able to advise on the correct procedure for applying for a temporary working Visa. If your girlfriend wants to work, she will also need a temporary working Visa, and may have to research this herself if her prospective employer isn't familiar with the procedures.

If, after more research into Visa, you do decide to "forget it and get real" as you put it, then don't rule out doing your training in the UK, either part-time or full-time, and possibly doing part of the training in the US.


15th Dec 2003, 20:32
Thanks for the replies,

At the moment i am in the post PPL planning stage and spending a year in Florida doing something i love (Flying not eating) would be a great experience. I am just trying to work out if it will actually be possible in my circumstances.

I am planning to do my ATPL exams and up to 50 hours in the UK before i go

Thanks again


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