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13th Dec 2003, 23:59
So the huns are at the castle walls and about to breach the bastions.
AIPA tries to get cosy with the IPG (and of course they will) after finally realising that they can't survive in their glass castle when the hordes are starving (let them eat cake!).
While the wasteful and devisive to and froing of who gets what position/renumeration/entitlements and ultimately, dare I suggest it.........POWER........continue, the question remains.
What will we, as professional aviators do, to ensure that our terms and conditions are not further eroded.

The logical conclusion to this presents a further question.
What will our employers next move be?

If I was the boss (and I reassure you I am playing the devils advocate) I would ensure that any unity amongst my pilots would have an external influence to keep my employees under pressure to ensure minimum pay for maximum standards.

While at the moment it appears that market forces themselves are keeping pilot renumeration at a new minimum level, I know that it is my manipulation over several years (because I employ people who are smarter than I) that has achieved a desirable outcome for my shareholders.

What would I do if there should be an unlikely cohesion of interests between the several groups of employees that I have managed to keep seperated for many years? Easy........maintain a seperate group of contractors to keep my pilots unsettled....YET AGAIN.

Solution............Only as a COHESIVE group can we attain fair and equitable renumeration.

If we remain devisive and unco-ordinated, further erosion of our professional conditions is unavoidable.

For years I've read and been amazed astounded and sometimes disappointed by the postings on this web site.

I wonder how much of the devisiveness evident amongst the postings here is a product of our employers, whether posted by them or as a result of their manipulation of us.

When we think as we have been trained it is evident that........

Problem..........AIPA, the problem is you have been living thinking you're invulnerable.

Identification......., now it appears you're not.

Look for solution.......work as hard as you can to bring the IPG group and ALL subsidiaries under your banner

Operate...........Talk to the disparite entities who already fly under the one banner, and make it work

Take stock...........Have a further look and see which other groups could be used as cannon fodder against your group.

AIPA make no mistake, you're members are the target of the latest move by QF management. It would be nice for you if the AFAP were still a viable alternative to take the flack for a nice easy run. You are the only viable organisation with the muscle (we do understand you're members limitations under the present government) to draw a line in the stand.

Please AIPA pull your head out of the clouds and finally acknowledge that you remember where you came from.

A disclaimer (a trendy thing to do).

I have nothing but admiration for the people at Impulse. I also have a family to feed.

I harbour no grudge against QF mainline or contractors.

VB best of luck, you have refined the face of Australian aviation.

Please Ppruners, 89 was over a decade ago. All that is achieved by the bitching is exactly what was planned by those that manipulated the outcome.

Life is too short.

14th Dec 2003, 05:45
Well said but the huns are over the walls now, in the castle and are eating the Kings venison and screwing his wenches.

AIPA have had it. Their heads were in the sand for far tooooo long. If we are to be treated like serfs then lets join the TWU. Disband AIPA and get with the last remaining "strong" transport union left in the country. It would certainly get the attention of the management.

Undivide and reconquer.