View Full Version : GAFFA Intersection....Myth or Reality?

Ray Darr
8th Sep 2001, 07:28
For years I've heard of the "GAFFA" Intersection, but in all the databases I've checked through it hasn't been in one of 'em. I think it's bunk. Anyone "Dunnunda" care to check a low-level IR chart out?

Oh - if you MUST ask.... well, I'll leave answering what it stands for to someone else for the suspense factor.

Anyway it was a funny story even if it WASN'T true!
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8th Sep 2001, 08:51
GAFER is what it is now and if you ever get there you will see that it really is GAFFA

s 22 17.8
e 136 38.1

176 NM 055 Radial YBAS VOR
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8th Sep 2001, 22:22
There was a GAFFA between PER and ASP once. I remember it because I flew that route once in the 3-holer. I reported "TBH over the GAFFA at 39, FL330, [whatever] at 16, which is still over the gaffa!"
When I was flying SQs 4-holer SYD-SIN back in 1991, stewardess came up and said a pax wanted to know where we were. I said "tell him where over the gafa". 2 hours later she came up and the same pax wanted to know where we were now. I said "tell him where still over the gafa".
5 minutes later a note came up front: "Thank you. So just how big is this Great Australian F**k All?"
I never found out who the guy was.