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8th Sep 2001, 06:14
Scientists are looking for the funniest joke in the world. Check this out....... Jokes........ (http://www.laughlab.co.uk).

Of course if you can remember the funniest joke you have ever heard then tell us it now... :)

Ray Darr
8th Sep 2001, 08:07
Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! .. Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

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Squawk 8888
8th Sep 2001, 09:03
AAAARRRRGGHHH! I understood two words of it! Call a medic!

8th Sep 2001, 14:36
The funniest joke in the world can never be told again. It was developed in secret by the British in WW2 to be used against the Germans. It was so funny that, anyone hearing even part of it would instantly die laughing. It was so lethal that no single worker or soldier was allowed to see or hear more than two words. Deadlier than the worst chemical weapons, it could be deployed by leaflet or broadcast over enemy lines. Obviously this could only be done when allied soldiers were given adequate ear protection or there was no danger of leaflets being blown over allied lines. It became so dangerous that it eventually had to be banned. Fear of rediscovery, and the resultant dangers to civilisation guaranteed that this remained one of the best kept secrets of the war until discovered by Monty Python.

8th Sep 2001, 15:18
Just goes to show how darned stupid the British boffins were.

Why on earth would you want to develop a weapon that is so dangerous against your own side, but that the enemy are immune to? :D

9th Sep 2001, 06:04
We will ask a few questions about yourself, for example your age and your sex. We will also ask you a few brain-teasing questions

Those were the brain-teasing questions!

eDITIED for carp triping

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