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5th Sep 2001, 18:13

Haulin' Trash
5th Sep 2001, 19:00
Any old time ex BA Viscount pilots out there from the mid 70's who remember Capt Bish - great pilot / interesting clothes under the uniform!

5th Sep 2001, 19:14
As the hotel limo driver was loading the crews luggage into the van one piece of luggage slipped from his hands and burst open. The bag belonged to the Captain and inside the bag was ladies lingerie. The First Officer asked the Captain, “So sir, how long have you been wearing women’s undies?” To which the Captain said, “Ever since my wife found lingerie in my luggage when I came home from a trip!”

5th Sep 2001, 19:25
Obviously they were worried "he" might get mistaken for one of their FA's. :D :p

5th Sep 2001, 19:25
Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one!

6th Sep 2001, 04:46
A QF captain coming through Australian customs a number of years ago was stopped for a search.

The customs agent found the undeclared silk underwear the skipper had bought for his wife whilt o/s.

Customs agent points to silks and says that 'he can be fined for not declaring it'

Captain responds with 'It's mine. You wear what you want, I'll wear what I want'.

Customs agent shows all the grace in the world at being stiched up so nicely and says 'Certainly Captain. Have a great day!'

6th Sep 2001, 07:44
futher down in that link it says
"The REALLY stupid part of this is that the idiot could have used darn near any ID that he wanted, as long as it was official, including a Drivers License or work ID since you don't NEED a pasport to fly from the US to England! hehehe"
Is that correct???null

Pom Pax
6th Sep 2001, 10:01
True, if you are British you are not obliged to show a passport for either entry to or departure from the U.K. However some form of identity to prove your British may be required. Without your passport this may be difficult to prove and you can be assured immigration will make it so.
Years ago a "Daily Mail" reporter tried it and had no problems.
The logic behind this is in the wording at the begining of your passport. Its a request from H.M. Govt to any foriegn power not to itself.

6th Sep 2001, 10:55
25 years ago I managed to fly from LGW to Rotterdam and back with no passport (just an airline ID) for an emergency repair job when my passport was at home. Only problem was an argument with immigration going OUT of LGW!

Meanwhile - United - It wouldn't have happened if the guy had flown Steven Wolfe :)

Chimbu chuckles
6th Sep 2001, 18:46
Was his name Bwuce or Woger? or was he just going somewhere to be wogered? :eek:


6th Sep 2001, 18:58
I thought UA had some transsexual pilots of their own so they should have understood the sensativites of this poor, confused, lost MORON. :p

T. Waster
8th Sep 2001, 00:15
When I saw the headline for this topic I tought Manchester United had kicked out David Beckham. :)

8th Sep 2001, 08:10
Maybe if he'd dressed like an " executive transvestite " he wouldn't have had so much trouble.

Send Clowns
9th Sep 2001, 00:57
A little harsh, Les Couilles, she was an idiot trying to travel when to all appearances the opposite gender to the holder of the passport she was using, but hardly a moron. Try not to be gratuitously unpleasant, there's a good little doggy.

11th Sep 2001, 00:15
Reading the headline of this story that "United Kicks of Cross-dresser," I was actually in this day and age, looking forward that United had launched the appearance of a new uniform which would cross-scend the characteristics of both male and female FA's, and maybe even pilots. Make them as one. Make them like a family of clones. Bummer!

Oh, well. Have to call Oleg Cassini again.