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13th Dec 2003, 20:14
I am studying ATPL theory at the moment, and am currently on Jet engine air intakes. I am uncertain of the difference between supercritical, critical and subcritical operation with regards to shock waves forming around the intakes at supersonic speeds. Aren't any instructors around at the moment, and diagrams in the book are A*se.
Any advice would be highly appreciated.

14th Dec 2003, 23:30
You've probably seen this link before, but in case you haven't:


Scroll down and you will see a few diagrams.

Hope this is helpful.

15th Dec 2003, 01:07
WG774 said......scroll down and you will see a few diagrams. [About Supersonic intake airflow]

The WG774 is familiar ....... Fairey Delta FD2????? Have you actually flown the machine? If so, you are a hero of mine!

Aviate 1138 - never piloted anything much faster than Mach .77

15th Dec 2003, 02:23
Cumulus, maybe this can give you more info:

Dryden Research Centre (http://www.dfrc.nasa.gov/Education/index.html)

Hit "intakes" into the search bar. I tried to supply a direct link to the many papers but the url wouldn't show up here properly.

Aviate1138 said: "Have you actually flown the machine? "

Lol! :-) Unfortunately my activities are ground-based, I wish!

Can you imagine what a kid in the '50s would have thought seeing this fly overhead:


It's truly amazing to think the craft is near 50 yrs old.

Maybe someone should start a thread in the Nostalgia forum and try to locate a real FD2 pilot?

15th Dec 2003, 05:55
Apologies for going OT, but Peter Twiss's biog is still available here for the nostalgia heads:


18th Dec 2003, 19:51
... and for remaining off thread, remember seeing Peter Twiss coming in to land at Farnborough and seeing the nose section tilted down a la Concord. The FD like the Conc was a truely elegant aircraft.

Cumulus, was fascinated to look out of a window once at high alt and was fascinated to actualy see the shadow of a shock wave some distance back from the leading edge of the wing.

Boss Raptor
18th Dec 2003, 22:46
I had never seen a pic of the aircraft from below before, just side on shots, I had know idea that the wing was that complex...

Sometime when the Brits are good they are very very good...shame we never quite seem to get these ideas/discoveries/projects to production...

I have the (mis)fortune to work sometimes at MIG-Sokol and they openly admit that during the 50's, 60's, 70's we were by far the leader in technology and aerodynamics...but can never understand why we didn't pursue most of it...after all they got themselves moles to pinch the information...spose one has to take that as a compliment :ok:

You may well have the Darrol Stinton book 'The Anatomy of the Aeroplane', very good section on intake design, short chapter but very readable and to the point...I know enough from that book to hold my own against a MIG test pilot over afternoon tea :cool:

19th Dec 2003, 02:27
Thank you very much for your replies folks, I think I have got it weighed off now. :ok: