View Full Version : Hair dyeing tips

Don D Cake
7th Sep 2001, 20:38
Having made a drunken bet, I have to dye my dark brown hair blonde tomorrow. Not such a big deal as half of it is missing (ingrowing, I think, as I am quite tall) and it is cut very short ie number one style. My main concern is that I would like my eyebrows to remain thier natural boring brown. Any handy hints?

DX Wombat
7th Sep 2001, 21:17
Either plaster them with a thick layer of grease such as Vaseline, lard, old engine or gearbox oil etc - the choice is yours. Failing that, try bribing your way out! :D ;) :eek:

Don D Cake
7th Sep 2001, 21:31
Ta, I was going to use masking tape. Too late for bribes etc. I fear. I think I may have some goose fat left over from last Christmas lunch in the fridge, I'll use that. I knew it would come in useful.

tony draper
7th Sep 2001, 21:43
Leave your hair the same color, dye your head

7th Sep 2001, 21:47
Epil-Stop on everything but the eyebrows.