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7th Sep 2001, 14:02
How many of you wear trainers? How many of you out there in Pprune land work out or go running? Do you ever suffer from monster trainers, so smelly that they do the walking for you? Well a freind of mine told me that he put his in the microwave for 30 seconds each, and that should be enough to kill the bactera that makes trainers smell. So after a gruelling week training for a triathlon, my trainers were honking so much that the environmental health came to investigate the smell. Not having long enough to wash and dry them, I followed my mates advice; lo and behold, the smell had gome! but I am never using my microwave to cook my Pot Noodles ever again!

Windy Militant
7th Sep 2001, 17:00
JFD As long as you don't forget to check for metal eyelets and the bits on the ends of the laces, as a friend of mine did. Apparently the sparks were quite spectacular. Oh yeah and the trainers were well alight by the time he got them out. :p

7th Sep 2001, 18:10
Does it work just as well if you put your feet in the microwave?

Hersham Boy
7th Sep 2001, 19:07
Should do. The mess caused by having to sew them back on again, though, makes soap and water a better option in the long run.

7th Sep 2001, 19:14
Can somebody tell me what type of fire extinguisher to use on a microwave.....QUICK

7th Sep 2001, 22:45
Use HALON, if you use CO2 and do not unplug said microwave, you risk a nasty shock.

8th Sep 2001, 00:01
Just remember the cement used to hold the outsole/midsole/upper together is heat activated. Activates at about 60C.

Also the midsole will re-activate at 70C and blow up like a marshmallow Peep. So don't heat for too long.

henry crun
8th Sep 2001, 03:42
JAH: now you tell me !!

8th Sep 2001, 13:57
Tried it with a pair of socks this morning.
Came out fresh as the morning air and also nice and warm. You know when you warm a slice of stale bread.. it softens. Well my socks also lost their crispness.

9th Sep 2001, 13:19
Bon Apetite! :D

Airborne Hamster
9th Sep 2001, 13:58
Tried it on next door's cat,but smells even worse now.Was it foam or Halon someone mentioned? :rolleyes:

Lurk R
10th Sep 2001, 04:57
Beware of those shoes which have air pockets or gel sachets in the sole - may be some little explosions!!!

10th Sep 2001, 20:33
could always wash 'em...
works for socks too

10th Sep 2001, 20:43
I wonder if it'll work on my wife's box???? Hmmm???

tony draper
10th Sep 2001, 22:57
I always keep a slug from a Uranium Fuel rod in mine when not in use,I find that has a similar effect, makes them easy to find in the dark.
Got a stack of those slugs lying about if anybody want's some. ;)

11th Sep 2001, 03:46
What sort of wine do you serve with microwaved trainers?


14th Sep 2001, 22:25
Who started that silly idea, running short on time so tried doing the baked potatoes in the trainers at the same time, the traines caught fire, soles came off I got puffed patatoe inners, and my fire extinguisher has to be re-filled. I've been banned from the kitchen and actualy the smell wasn't that bad in the first place. I was told that it all stems from getting on to Pprune.

16th Sep 2001, 07:33
Oh Paterbrat

Thank you!

It's so nice to shed a few tears of laughter again.

16th Sep 2001, 07:40
Now everything I cook tastes of parmesan.

18th Sep 2001, 12:29
The Gold fish swam realy quick for a while, now they are just swimming inverted. I think their sense of up and down has become messed up a tad. :eek: