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12th Dec 2003, 15:47
This may be of interest..

Singapore Airlines pleased with court ruling
6:36 PM December 12

Singapore Airlines says today's court decision ordering a man to pay airline costs after it was forced to divert to Darwin sends a clear message to those who think offensive behaviour on aircraft is acceptable.

The Darwin Magistrates Court ordered Michael Edward Donovan to pay costs of nearly $14,000.

Singapore Airlines made an unscheduled landing in July on a flight from Singapore to Brisbane after the captain decided the behaviour of the man was a threat to passengers and crew.

The airline's spokesman, Stephen Forshaw, says the conviction is an important outcome.

"This is the first time to our knowledge that a court has awarded the costs of the diversion to the airline from the offender," he said.

"That's a decision which we see as very appropriate, you are responsible for your actions and if your actions cause the captain of that aircraft to be concerned about the safety of passengers and crew than you wear that responsibility and have to pay for it."

Source: ABC