View Full Version : Massive increase in cost of ERC Low/High Amendment Service

Pinky the pilot
12th Dec 2003, 11:05
Just recieved the renewal notice from Airservices Australia for my documents; ERCs have jumped in price from $5.70 to $18.40!:mad: :mad:
Yet another 'benefit' of the NAS perhaps?:hmm:
I suppose a protest to AsA would be somewhat useless but nevertheless I intend to request at the very least a 'please explain'.
Anyone else been hit with this increase yet?

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12th Dec 2003, 12:14
Yeah. Same deal. The renewal has jumped about 40% this year.:mad:

Pole Vaulter
12th Dec 2003, 12:42
As I posted on an earlier thread all ERC charts rose from $2.85 to $9.20 each from the 1st of DEC. As suggested an example of the savings produced by NAS. I have it on good authority this is just the first of huge price increases on all the visual documents. Just wait for it as the next round should occur at the end on JAN 04. We will now get the posters from overseas telling us we were never paying enough for our maps anyhow (particually those posters inthe UK) but before you all start on that compare our prices to the US and see how much we are being "ripped off". Just another nail in the coffin for GA in the "lucky country" plus an increasing number of pilots who will not bother carring the relative charts.

12th Dec 2003, 20:39
I tell ya, you should get Jepps, they are a better equiped product. 2 folders has the equivalent of all charts, DAP east and west, AIP and ERSA instead of 5 or so seperate folders.

They probably work out cheaper now anyway,:ok:

Capn Bloggs
12th Dec 2003, 22:46
Engine Out,

They may go into two binders but that's all they've got going for them. The maps are made of tissue paper, are harder to read, their DAPs are nonstandard and difficult to read compared to AIP, they issue amendments EVERY TWO WEEKS (!!!) correcting their own mistakes, there's no page checklist, their AIP document is just as difficult to read os the AIP, there's no index for it, need I go on??!!

Pity AIP DAP didn't go Left-Right fold with page numbers: then they'd be a top doc.

As for AIP charts prices, it's just another Affordable Safety stunt by AOPA/Richard to remove VFR out of the system.

13th Dec 2003, 01:37
Another reason to continue to use Jepps. Esp. now the A$ is @ US$0.74!.

Another example of how the industry is bullied and manipulated. Surely this aggresive increase from a monopoly supplier (VFR that is as Jepps do not offer VFR) is a case for investigation.


13th Dec 2003, 02:22
I vastly prefer the IAP DAP binding. I deteste the Jepp. folder form. Unfortunately my company uses Aerad which uses the same form of binding as Jepp. :yuk:

SM4 Pirate
13th Dec 2003, 05:43
Has anyone complained to the ACCC?

Monopolies shouldn't be able to do this... Jepps and ASA are in court about paying for the data... So Jepps will have to charge more too; otherwise they'll wear the extra costs, awsure!

Bottle of Rum

13th Dec 2003, 12:24
how do they justify yet another price hike?

improving air safety certainly doesnt start with price increases, many jaded pilots are sure to be carry out of date maps if this continues.....:confused: