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7th Sep 2001, 03:32
Here’s the scenario:

Let’s make our guy a white male helicopter pilot, approximately 45 years old, divorced, having spent his last 20 years as a helicopter pilot with full (FAA) ATP/ Rotorcraft-Helicopter. We’ll give him somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 logged hours in Eurocopter, Bell and Sikorsky equipment and, assume he can obtain all the necessary permits, visas and licensing. Oh, one other thing, let’s make him a Texan - that way he’s got everything going against him.

Now, this ol’ boy decides he’s tired of assuming the position for 20 years and is looking for a shot at a fresh start in life and decides that he’d like to try something overseas. If things were to work out he’s thinking maybe something; long term, in a nice country, a small house, maybe try the family life again if he met the right girl, not wanting to “make a big splash”, you know – slow the pace a little.

1) Does this guy stand a snowball’s chance in hell of finding anything – anywhere?

If so,

2) Where’s the best place to go? (He’s heard a lot of good thing about some of the European countries, Australia, and New Zealand but, he’s open for suggestions.)

7th Sep 2001, 19:54
Well, B.L., I imagine everyone will want to jump in with a plug for their own home base, so I'll be one of the first with a plug for Australia.

Even if you did not eventually come here to live, you would certainly enjoy a visit. Australia is a country of diversity in every respect, our peoples, our cultures, our terrain, our flora and fauna. From the spectacular Kimberleys (best seen by helicopter) to the lush rainforest of Queensland, there is something here for everyone.

While we do not exactly have kangaroos roaming the streets in suburbia, we have golf courses where the early morning player can watch groups of them grazing the greens unconcernedly as the humans make their way around the course. We have magnificent beaches where you can fish, water-ski, sail, scuba dive or snorkel. You can swim with wild dolphins and seals. You can stand on the shore and watch the whales as they make their way south to the antarctic, passing close to the shore on their way.

You can visit wild and rocky coastlines where many an exploratory vessel from days gone by came to grief and you can see salvaged items from those ships in the local museums. You can come to Perth and see Langley Park, Perth's original airstrip, the site of the first ever chartered flight ... admittedly it was only a mail run, but still ...

You can feast on some of the finest seafood to be found anywhere in the world, greenlip mussels, fresh crayfish (rock lobster), oysters, squid, anything. The variety is endless.

And if you enjoy the company of people who accept you for the person you are, not because of your job or your connections, then you will be comfortable in Australia. It has often been said - and is completely true - that you could attend a barbecue with a bunch of aussies and find yourself talking to a brain surgeon on one side and a garbage collector on the other with no-one finding it the least unusual.

We can show you things you never dreamed existed - prehistoric plants, paintings, music and dance from the Dreamtime when, as Aboriginal legend has it, the gods created this country and set rules for its people to live by. You could fish for the legendary barramundi in a remote early morning lake with the sun just rising and drawing fingers of mist from the calm surface or take a game-fishing boat offshore and hunt marlin. (We support tag and release)

We have some of the most magnificent national parks and marine reserves, the former best explored by four wheel drive and the latter by snorkel or scuba. Nothing in the world can equal the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef with its infinite variety of life.

If any of this has caught your interest, log in to some of our aussie web sites and take a longer look. Even if you don't end up staying, at least come and visit,


7th Sep 2001, 22:08
Wow! That sounds so great!

Unfortunately with my luck, I'd forget to check my tennis shoes in the morning, suffer a bite from a Funnel Web Spider, and die quickly and in agony. :D

8th Sep 2001, 07:30
Well, RW-1, you'd have to go to the other side of the island for that experience, I'm on the west coast and we don't have funnel webs here.

However, for those who would like to experience the thrill of being attacked by something that can cause harm or even a horrible painful death, I believe we have much to offer in that area too.

Coming face to face with a white pointer, for example, as you swim along the ocean floor in your scuba gear selecting something nice for dinner. For the adrenalin junkie, this is the ultimate rush. Better than bungee jumping, better than sky diving, better than breaking your mother's most treasured ornament.

For those who are into pain, we have several wild creatures prepared to oblige now and then. Treading on a scorpion fish will produce a level of agony controllable only by a generous dose of morphine. The fact that you will probably be far away from any medical establishment when this happens only serves to ensure you have the longest possible opportunity to enjoy the experience.

Same with the chironex or box jellyfish ... but this one will probably kill you. This is for those who enjoy the spirit of competition. Can you get back to the beach before the paralysing agent takes effect? Will the rescue helicopter get you to the hospital in time? Probably not but the reduced odds add greatly to the challenge of the chironex experience.

For those who are not into water sports, there are several land based creatures prepared to assist the adventurous human. Snakes - we have lots of different varieties but the challenge lies in finding the poisonous ones. An even greater challenge lies is discovering a means of getting from your current location - usually six hours from anywhere - to the nearest hospital after you have persuaded the snake to co-operate. The ultimate thrill, of course, is hearing the doctor say, "Nah, mate, we don't have an anti venene for that one ... but some people HAVE recovered." Will you be one of the lucky ones? It's all a part of the outback experience.

Should you choose to participate in any of these wildlife adventures, you must remember that we have very strict laws protecting our wildlife and we tend to take a rather dim view of any person causing deliberate harm to our fauna. So, when you tread on your scorpion fish, do it GENTLY or when you persuade your snake to bite, don't infuriate it to the extent that it snaps off a fang in the process. You could be liable for damages ... if you survive.

:eek: :D :eek:

8th Sep 2001, 12:06
Yep Blue Diamond, sounds absolutely grrreat. So it seems the only thing wrong with Oz is they're [email protected] at all sports!

:D ;) :)

8th Sep 2001, 12:51

Why not come to the UK!

You can do all the same watersports as in OZ (In frigid water that will probably poison you if you accidently swallow any)

We have golf courses too (waterlogged for most of the year)

There are virtually no poisonous animals (except Anne Robinson)

Er, did I ask if you like rain?

In fact the only problem is that to be allowed in to the UK,you're probably going to have to learn to speak Bulgarian or some other Eastern European dialect. I understand that the best way is via France.

:D ;) :D

10th Sep 2001, 11:21
Dear wholigan,
Must I ask who won the ashes series again? Oh dear then Australia must be good at a sport, and sorry was that australia that is current world champions in the cricket as well? and what about that glorius sport named rugby union. Is not australia also better then Britain? same with league? and by the way to stay with the thread,
Australia also plays american football so we can ease the longing of home with the odd game here and there. I have heard that a special sort of octopus (blue ringed) has a nasty habit of causeing death without leaving a bite mark. Causes the respiratory system to shut down but the venom actually dissapears after one hour. So all you gotta do is manage to get someone to breathe for you for that hour and you live!!!
Australia is the place you want to live for sure.
FB :cool:

P.S Did we mention the beautiful weather along the coast of the west and the northern coasts of the east?? much better than the rains that apparently keep england indoors and pale for years at a time lol :) :p

10th Sep 2001, 16:16
Geez, it's good to see that we're all keeping this discussion objective! :D

10th Sep 2001, 20:10

Sounds like paradise ! :D

It is on my visit list one of these days ...